Ayrbank outdoor learning

Ayrbank went a walk around the village our teachers were Mrs Schendel, Mrs Watt and Miss Robertson. Our aims were to look for signs of Autumn and to look at how humans are impacting on our planet.  We went to the voes. We had a sticky label to stick different coloured leaves we saw red,brown,green and orange leaves to show signs of autumn. We saw lots of black berries to eat. Then we went to the weir where the Salmon jump up the ladder to go up the river to lay their eggs. Other signs of Autumn we saw were seeds from different trees fallen on the ground, like acorns and chestnuts.  The Rowan trees were full of red berries that the birds like to eat.

We found lots of ways in which humans are spoiling our planet by dropping litter and spray painting trees.  And people have been smashing glass, which could hurt people if they fall or animals if the walk on it.

by Abbie and Morgan

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