Literacy Open Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our literacy open morning this morning   The children really enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning.  A special thank you to Demi, Daryl and Lexie who presented their e-portfolios (thankfully not in the costumes they are pictured in below!)

Following the discussions this morning Mrs Schendel will be starting an after school homework club on a Tuesday, starting Tuesday 12th November.  This will run for 4 weeks from 3pm to 4pm and will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding helping your child at home with their learning or to complete homework tasks together.

This will be a drop in session, no need to attend every week, and it is open to all classes. No need to register beforehand, simply collect your child as usual at 3pm and come to the main entrance, where you will be asked to sign in. Children must come to the session accompanied by an adult. Sessions will take place in the ICT suit and computers will be available for use.


Sun Free Books For Nurseries

Catrine ECC will be collecting tokens (vouchers) from 11 November to 15 November to enable the nursery to receive free books. The primary school is collecting the tokens to help the nursery reach their target. Please send any tokens to the primary school and help support Catrine nursery!!

Thank you.

Communication between school and home

As highlighted last week, we’re trying to reduce the amount of paper we use so school news, information and updates are being sent electronically via three different ways – our school blog on GLOW, our school APP and ParentPay email.

Can you please highlight which method suits you best for us to communicate with you?

All responses will be confidential.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Govans

Literacy Open Morning

All parents/carers are warmly invited to the school on Thursday 31 October for our Literacy Open Morning from 9.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m.

All parents/carers should meet in the main hall where Mrs Schendel will give a short presentation on Literacy, GLOW and e-portfolios. You will then be able to walk around the school and visit your child’s class during their Literacy Lesson.

We look forward to seeing you.

Mrs Govans

Primary 3 – 7 Halloween Activities/Party

Primary 3 – 7 will be having a Halloween activity afternoon on Thursday 31 October between 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. within their classrooms. All children can bring their costumes to school and change independently during lunch time.

P1 & P2 Halloween Party

Primary 1 and 2 Halloween party will take place on Thursday 31 October from 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. in the main hall.

Parents are welcome to come to school at 12.50 p.m. to help change/dress their child.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. We will be looking at words with the prefixes dis, in, im and ir. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

disappoint, disconnect, dishonest, disqualify, invisible, incomplete, incurable, inconsiderate, immature, immortal, impossible, impassable, irrelevant, irresponsible, irreplaceable

Green Group

dislike, disagree, disappear, disobey, inactive, incorrect, independent, incredible, impatient, import, impress, imperfect, irregular, irresistible, irreparable

Pupils should continue to research and prepare their class talk homework to present next Monday 4th November.

P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 2 – Prefixes

Remember: a prefix is added at the front of a word and changes its meaning.

This week our focus is dis and in, both meaning not.

   Blue                   Red    

dishonest            disarm

disorganised      disagree

disappear            disallow

distaste              dislike

insensitive         invisible

incorrect             incorrect

Be the Nice Kid

We are now the proud owners of our very own Be the Nice Kid signage.  A huge thank you to Owen Kerr Signs for their kind donation.  The BTNK sign shares an important message about kindness and thinking of others.

It’s now proudly on display in our school hall. Be sure to check it out the next time you are in visiting.

#nethenicekid #itscooltobenice #owenkerrsigns


A Huge Thank You

Catrine Primary School would once again like to thank the Parent Council who paid for the schools yearly Twinkl subscription. This valued resource is used by all members of staff within the school.

The school would like to thank the Parent Council for their continued support.

P4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. sleeping
  2. sneeze
  3. seagull
  4. disease
  5. cheaters
  6. complete
  7. between
  8. thief
  9. thieves
  10. retrieve
  11. niece
  12. teacher

Full Stops

  1. speed
  2. sheep
  3. indeed
  4. speaking
  5. clean
  6. flea
  7. these
  8. here
  9. athlete
  10. niece
  11. read
  12. achievements

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use our activity sheet. There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

What have primary 4/5 been doing?

Well it has been a busy week in P4/5. We enjoyed taking part in the outdoor day on Wednesday alongside the whole school.


Whilst the primary 5 pupils attended green gym, the primary 4 pupils created a word search with the ‘e’ sounds. This was a fun and challenging way for the pupils to engage with their spelling words.

Can you see the ‘e’ sound in every word?



In PE the class have started football. This week we looked at warm up drills such as high knees, side stepping and bum kicks. We also mastered the art of ball control through different dribbling exercises.

Watch out for Miss Robb’s soccer squad!

Youth Dance & Parkour Company 2020 – P7 pupils

Please find attached the application form for EAC pupils to apply to become part of our exciting Youth Dance & Parkour Company 2020.

This opportunity is open to all EAC pupils P7-S6 and is FREE

Rehearsals will take place on Friday evenings at William McIlvanney Campus, Jan-Mar, and will lead up to a final performance in Dance Fest 2020 in March.

Please share this with any pupils you think would be interested in taking part.  Places are limited Closing date for applications is Monday 2 December 2019.


If you require a paper copy or any further information, please contact the school.


Exceptional School Closures – Robert Burns Academy, Cumnock

Please note that the new Robert Burns Academy and Supported Learning Centre will be closed on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th August 2020 for the new S1 pupils. Please click on the link below for further information:


Whiteflat Outdoor Learning

Today was outdoor learning day and Whiteflat did iMovies with Miss Burleigh and Miss Robb. First of all we went to p4/5s classroom and split into groups. Then we got some paper for our story board and went outside. We planned out the iMovie on the story board then got the props we needed. After we got the props we started filming. Some groups filmed it all in one but others did it with different clips put that they would put together. When everyone finished filming we went inside to edit it. Lastly we added some sound effects. Then we were ready to show them off.

Kacee and Lucy

Ayrbank Outdoor Learning

Today ayrbank was building dens with Mrs ferguson, Miss McLean and Mr Spears. First of all we went to p2 and got into groups then we decided in our groups what our plan would be for our den once we had done that we headed outside to start building our dens. It was hard as it was very windy but at the end we managed. After break we got to decorate our dens using pillows chairs covers pens paper and whiteboards. Once we had finished decorating we got to sit in our dens for a while and even invite people to visit our dens. It was so much fun!!! Please click this link to see pictures of our fantastic dens

By Sophie and Abbie