Sponsored Silence

To help raise money for school funds, all pupils will be completing a Sponsored Silence on Wednesday 9th October.

P1, P2 and P3 pupils will aim for 30 minutes silence, with P4 to P7 pupils trying to keep quiet for 45 minutes!

The Harvest Hush-In will take place in class, between 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. The pupils will read books and complete activities related to reading. Pupils are invited to bring in their favourite book from home to read, or can choose a book from their class library.

Our School Fund is well used throughout the year – for instance, to help reduce transport costs for school trips and visits.

As we are now a cashless school, donations for the Harvest Hush-In should be made on ParentPay. When you log into your ParentPay account, you will see a Harvest Hush-In notification. On ParentPay the amount defaults to £1.00. However, please note that you are able to change this amount and contribute any amount – any donation gratefully received! Please do not send cash into the school. This means that we don’t need individual sponsor sheets. Please contact the school if you would like any more information, and thank you for your continued support.

All staff at Catrine Primary School are looking forward to a lovely, quiet morning on 9th October!

A busy day for p3/4

We have been learning about golf over the past few weeks. This week we were focusing on how to hold the putter.

Here we are practising hitting the cones.

Some of us even got a hole in one!

After all this fun at gym, we headed for music where we were learning about rhythm and beat before trying out our new string instruments.

Primary 7 Volcanoes

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Primary 7 have been learning about volcanoes as part of their Planet Earth topic. This week the class made their own volcanoes by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction produces a gas which forces the mixture to erupt like a volcano. It was great fun to watch!

Holiday Reminder

The school will be closed on Friday 20th and Monday 23rd September. There is also an in-service day on Tuesday 24th September. The children will start back on Wednesday 25th September at 9.00 a.m.

Have a lovely holiday!

Primary 1 Transition Visit

Primary 1 will be visiting Catrine ECC on Thursday 26 September. The children will walk down to the ECC at 1.00 p.m. and return by 2.45 p.m. Miss Burleigh, Michelle and staff members from the ECC will accompany the children.

Please ensure your child is dressed for adverse weather e.g., rain jacket etc.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

If any information on the current EV5 has changed, please notified by the school.

The Alien has landed at Catrine ECC

In the Green space we have been using our imaginations while we play with our friends, making mud pies, soup, cookies or even a salad at the mud kitchen. The children have been further developing their number skills by counting leaves. We have also been learning how to risk assess ourselves, by looking around the green space grass before we play.

An Alien has landed at Catrine ECC!

He/she has lost all his/her clothes and has forgotten his/her name! The children thought he/she needed some songs to welcome him/her to the ECC. They are now going to design a new coat for him/her and think up a new name.

The children have been learning about safety when the Kelly Kettle was being used. No one is allowed into the safety circle unless they are sitting down. After the children had toasted marshmallows and the fire sticks were cold, the children were able to mark marks on the wall. The children were also able to get a turn on the rope swing.

Outdoor Learning – September 2019

Outdoor Learning @ Catrine PS – September 2019

We are continuing with the Outdoor Learning which we enjoyed last year through our involvement with COACh (Curriculum Outdoor Attainment Challenge).

Please click on the link below to view all information:



Primary 4/5 Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework – 16/09/2019

Capital Letters


Full Stops


Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use some of the fun spelling activities that are on Glow. There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. This week’s words are:

  1. afloat
  2. alive
  3. asleep
  4. ashore
  5. antifreeze
  6. antibiotic
  7. antiseptic
  8. anticlockwise
  9. autograph
  10. automatic
  11. autopilot
  12. autobiography
  13. bicycle
  14. bisect
  15. biannual

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish. Due to the holiday weekend, jotters should be brought in to school next Friday 27th September to complete their spelling test.

Massage in Schools Programme

Last year, we introduced Massage in Schools Programme in each class throughout the school.  Our staff are trained MIS practitioners, and we aim to continue building upon the positive start we made by ensuring Massage in Schools becomes part of our weekly Health and Wellbeing Curriculum, as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils.

For further information, please click on the links below:


Information leafelt

ECC Residential Trip to Pitlochry

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Wow!!! What an experience!!! For our children, families AND staff!!!

This week, from Monday to Wednesday, 8 families and 3 staff members from Catrine ECC travelled by coach to the beautiful small town of Pitlochry. This exciting trip was funded by Hostelling Scotland where we stayed for 2 nights with some of our 3 and 4yr olds. ECC staff worked together to plan a fun filled itinerary for the 3 days which involved activities such as, den building, toasting marshmallows on the fire, scavenger hunts, Bookbug and much, much more.

Our slideshow highlights just some of the great opportunities and activities that we participated in.

                  Thanks to everyone involved, including EAC LOST staff for their advice and training,  and all who came along to East Ayrshire’s FIRST EVER Early Years residential trip.



Dumfries House

Primary 4/5 went along to Dumfries House on Thursday for a chance to learn about the animals and their habitat. The children looked at what they needed to be happy and healthy and compared this with what animals need finding many similarities.

The children then went around the farm feeding the animals whilst learning all about their preferred habitats.

The second half of the day consisteted of pond dipping, creating nests for birds and assisting in building an ant hotel!

The rainy weather certainly didn’t dampen our spirits 🙂


Primary 3/4 had lots of fun at The Brown Institute today. The children made pizza and decorated cookies. They especially enjoyed getting to taste the fruits of their labour. The children then played some games based around healthy foods before enjoying the walk back to school.

School holidays 2019/2020

Please see below a list of the school holidays/in-service days for session 2019/20. Please remember the 2 extra in-service days which are Tuesday 24 September 2019 and Friday 3 April 2020.