P2 weather reports 🕶🌂🌍❄️☀️🌧🌩🌈🌪💧💦☔️⛅️🌤❄️

P2 have been learning all about the weather. We learned about weather scientists called meteorologists who study the weather and predict what it will be like. This is called a weather forecast. We enjoyed making our own weather station and presenting the weather on our very own ‘Catrine News’.


Have a a look at one of our meteorologists, Kiara, in action.

Sportshall Athletics

Well done to all of the Primary 6 and 7 pupils who represented Catrine Primary at the Sportshall Athletics today. The pupils competed in track and field events and faced tough competition from Logan, New Cumnock and Park School. Catrine finished in 3rd place overall.  All pupils worked extremely hard and were a credit to the school, great work Team Catrine!

Digital Schools Award

Miss Burleigh and Mrs Govans were delighted to be invited to Falkirk to be presented with Catrine PS’s Digital Learning Award certification.

Five ECCs, over 40 primary schools and 12 secondary schools from all over Scotland were awarded their Digital Schools accreditations and Catrine PS are proud to be included in the list of educational establishments that are including digital learning in their daily teaching environment.

Miss Burleigh and the Digital Learning Committee will now be working towards Catrine PS being presented with the CR-IS accreditation, focusing on Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety for primary school pupils.

Catrine ECC will be looking to start their journey towards Digital Learning accreditation throughout this session.



Whiteflat Big Art

For our Outdoor Learning Day we did Big Art.  We had to go around the school collecting items that we could use to help us create our big pictures.

We used bits and pieces from the gym hall, resource room, classes as well as some natural materials.

We split into two groups and decided what our theme was for our pictures. Group 1 chose a beach scene and group 2 chose the circus.

After we completed our pictures we went upstairs to the classroom window to look out and get the full effect.

We think they looked great.

Sophie & Demi

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Green Gym

Juliette Walsh, Senior Project Officer with East Ayrshire Schools’ Green Gym will be working with Primary 5 tomorrow. They will be making a wildflower border around the tyre area.

Please ensure your child comes to school tomorrow with outdoor clothes e.g., wellies, rain jacket etc.

This is an exciting activity to enhance the school’s outdoor space.

P3/4’s Spelling Words (Wk bg 30.9.19)

Green – aw and au

  1. jaw
  2. saw
  3. draw
  4. hawk
  5. crawl
  6. awful
  7. sauce
  8. because
  9. Paul
  10. Laura

Red – ai

  1. stair
  2. hair
  3. chair
  4. rain
  5. brain
  6. train
  7. stain

Common Words:     after     again

Primary 4/5 Spelling Homework

Common and Tricky Word Week

  1. first
  2. surprise
  3. hear
  4. listen
  5. nineteen
  6. million
  7. experiment
  8. eight
  9. above
  10. breakfast
  11. busy
  12. care

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use our activity sheet (see below). There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

activity sheet

Health and Wellbeing at Catrine ECC

Meet our new safety superhero, Safe Suzie.

The children enjoyed making up a name for our character and designing her outfit.

Suzie will be encouraging us to learn about ways to keep safe in the ECC, out and about and in the home.

Sportshall Athletics

Some Primary 6 and 7 pupils will be representing Catrine Primary at the Sportshall Athletics on Monday 30th September. All pupils should ensure that they return their permission forms on Monday morning if they have not already done so. Pupils should come to school wearing sporty clothes and should bring a drink and snack with them. Go Team Catrine!

Change to Football Training day

Due to our Football Trainer’s commitments our football training will change from a Monday to a Wednesday starting on Wednesday 2 October.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Rag Bag

The Rag Bag Recycling Scheme has been developed to raise awareness of Textile Recycling. By participating Catrine Primary School is helping the environment and helping local authorities to meet recycling targets as well as raising funds for the school.


workwear, uniforms, wet/soiled items, curtains, towels, duvets or covers, pillow or covers, blankets, table cloths, linens, cushions, carpets & rugs, suitcases, books, bric a brac or coat hangers.

All children have been issued with a bag today. All bags must be returned by Wednesday 25 September. Bags will be collected by Nathans Waste on the morning of Thursday 26 September.

Thank you for taking part in our school fundraiser.

September 2019 – Questionnaire

School Value focus – Ambition

Every month in our Home Circles at Catrine Primary School, and in the Welcome Groups at Catrine ECC, we will be focussing on one of our Catrine Values to ensure that our pupils have a solid understanding of them.

Our Values are – Ambition, Determination, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

We would appreciate your views on what Ambition means to you and your family.

Responses will be collated and displayed around our school and ECC to show a shared understanding of our Catrine Values from all stakeholders – pupils, parents and staff.

Thank you.