Marneil’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Marneil had their last Outdoor Learning Session which was den building. First we got all the equipment we needed for building our dens, then we went over to the grassy area outside and got the equipment we needed to build our individual dens. It took us a while to build some of our dens, some were big and some were small. After we created our dens, we went to the infant playground to drink some hot chocolate that Miss McLean and Mrs Ferguson made. Then we finished off our dens and we got to play in them for a bit! Eventually we had to destroy and put everything away that was once our dens. When we were finished tidying up we took the younger ones back to their classes and got on with the rest of our day! We had a great morning even though it was pretty windy but we enjoyed it a lot and we made some pretty cool dens!

By Khyla and Carley

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