Avalon’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Avalon had their final Outdoor Learning Day which was Improving School Grounds.

At first we got into 2 groups, one went with Mrs Schendel and the other group went with Mrs Watt and Mrs Goudie. Declan and I were in the same group and we started off with digging up the muck so there wasn’t any big lumps, after we stopped digging we started planting sweet peas. We all worked as a big team. Then it was break. After break we swapped over then my group went with Mrs Schendel and made bird feeders. We made the bird food by using lard and bird seeds. At first we melted the lard until it was liquid. Then we got the bird seeds and put them into a bowl then poured the melted lard into the bird seeds. After that we mixed them all together, put them in cupcake cases and then put them in the fridge so they would harden because we were going to hang them from the trees. Then we were finished and it was time to tidy up, Overall Avalon had a great morning.

By Courtney

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