Whiteflat’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday it was our third outdoor learning session  and Whiteflat were den building. First we went down to Miss McLean’s  class to discuss what we were doing for the day. We had a little difficulty finding the  den building bags so we had to get Mr McCreath and he found  them.

So we headed out  to the playground and found our places to start our dens then we got on with the fun. Everyone started making their dens. Everyone had a smile on their face because of how much fun they were having . It was break time and  we all got our snacks and headed off. When we got back we got straight back into building our dens.

Now it was time for the Kellie kettle – Mrs Ferguson was telling us all about how dangerous fires were and the effects  they can cause. First we lit the fire to boil the water for the hot chocolate; after that we put the hot chocolate mix in the water then everyone had delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. Some people didn’t like it but we all still had a good time.

Once we had our delicious hot chocolate  we tested out how many people could fit in the largest den which was Kerr’s , Aiden’s , Tyler’s , Stuart and Caleb’s. We sent in one at a time and in the end we were able to fit the whole of Whiteflat which is 32 pupils. After that it was  tidy up time. Everyone done a brilliant job tidying up and Stuart and Kerr made a cool slide down the hill that was great fun. We all had a good day and the dens were amazing.

By your Captain and Vice Captain Tyler and Paige

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