Ayrbank Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 15th of May it was our 3rd outdoor learning session, Ayrbank was improving the school grounds.

We started by talking about our plan for the morning. After that we started to help Mrs Schendel take boxes outside. When we got outside we split into groups, our group was tidying up the infant end and the other group was looking through the boxes we brought outside. When we finished we split into groups then we started to plant our seeds: there were cress, peas, runner beans, pumpkins, sunflowers and lots of other seeds. Then we watered the seeds and took everything back inside, and after that it was break time.

When we came back in from break we split into two groups again. The first group went outside and looked at insects, leaves and trees. The other group planted more seeds! Then we went in for lunch. Overall we all had an amazing day and it was really enjoyable.

By Captain and Vice-Captain of Ayrbank,

Cadence and Aidan

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