Catrine Primary Catch Your Career Festival

Catrine Primary’s Catch Your Career Festival was a roaring success. A raft of companies from a range of industries visited the school to share with the children the skills and qualities needed for their jobs. The children got the chance to visit every company and participate in the fun interactive sessions and hear first-hand the opportunities open to young people.

The DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) Committee, made up of pupils from P1-7, have worked tirelessly to prepare for the event which was supported by Developing the Young Workforce – Ayrshire & The Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce. They have researched employability skills, surveyed pupils and gathered information about the careers of parents. On top of this they made invites for the businesses, designed posters and set up the hall ahead of the event. On the day they were in charge of time keeping and photography as well as supporting the organisation of the pupils in their groups.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the industries and find out all about how the skills they learn at school can be transferred to the workplace as well as hearing about a vast range of careers.

It wasn’t only the pupils who had a great time. The businesses also had a brilliant time. See below for their feedback!

Sovereign Credit Union- “Lovely, polite, interesting children. Lots of input and participation. Thank you for your invitation.”

Craighead Country Nursery School – “Thank you for being so welcoming – you were very organised with tables and timing system. The boys and girls were all excellent listeners and I hope they got something out of it.”

Royal Bank of Scotland – “Great engagement from the kids. Good questions and very well behaved.”

Police Scotland – “Great event, kids amazing. Lots of questions.”

Shire Housing – “BRILLIANT! Young people really got into the activities and made the event really fun.”

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P5 Sports Day Information

P5 will take part in a dressing up race on Sports Day. For this race children will need a t-shirt, shorts and a hat.  These should be brought into school before Sports Day in a bag clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Thanks for your continued support.

Better Energy School Awards Runner-Up

Catrine Primary School has been awarded a Runners-Up award in The Better Energy School Awards. The Eco Rocket entry, created by P4/5, was declared Runner-Up in the Totally Creative Category for schools in Scotland.

The Totally Creative is the category for environmentally themed art, music, drama and poetry.  The children created rockets using recyclable materials and LEGO blocks.

The school will receive £250 as well as a special certificate to mark the achievement. Well done!

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Check out the website for more information on the award.


School Clothing grants and free school meals

The application process for school clothing grants and free school meals is changing.

As part of the Council’s commitment to transforming our services and offering best value to our customers, the application process for school clothing grants and free school meals is changing.

From Tuesday 4 June 2019 all applications must be made online – and this can be done from a smart phone, PC, laptop or tablet.

Please don’t apply before then as we are no longer accepting advance paper applications.

The new system will make applying for clothing grants and free school meals simpler, faster and more cost effective to administer.

If you, or someone you know does not have online access, please call 01563  554400 (option 3) and a member of staff will complete the form over the phone on your behalf.

Learn more at and remember to check back and make your application on, or after Tuesday 4 June.



What a busy weekend it was for pupils from Catrine Primary School! Stuart got “player of the year” for Rugby. Declan and Bailey took part in the Ayr International Football Tournament. Calan and Tommy took part in the Talbot Tournament and Ellie and Lucy took part in a “Dance Show”.

Let’s say congratulations ……………..!!

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Primary 7 Homework – 27th May

This week the Primary 7’s will be using spelling strategies to spell common and tricky words. The spelling words for homework for each group are:

Blue Group

  1. analyse
  2. analysis
  3. continuous
  4. February
  5. murmur
  6. separate
  7. announcing
  8. cough
  9. fierce
  10. necessary
  11. sequence
  12. answer
  13. creation
  14. finally
  15. neighbour

Green Group

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December
  13. quickly
  14. important
  15. mumbled

Pupils should also make sure that they have their P.E. kit every day this week in order to participate in the Senior Sports Championship.

P3/4 Homework Wk bg 27.5.19


Capital Letters – ough

  1. thought
  2. brought
  3. fought
  4. bought

Full Stops:  soft ‘g’

  1. giant
  2. danger
  3. magic
  4. gentle
  5. gem
  6. energy
  7. cage
  8. germs
  9. gym
  10. stranger

Strawberry: ‘f’

  1. fin
  2. fun
  3. fit
  4. fan
  5. from

Sports Championship Week:  this week the children will participate in Sports Championship Events therefore PE kit is required all week. 

EAC Health & Wellbeing Team

East Ayrshire Council Health & Wellbeing Team recently asked parents to complete the National Parental Involvement and Engagement (PIE) Census. The results of the census are being monitored, therefore if you haven’t already completed the survey, please do by clicking on the link below:

This confidential survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, parents have until the 31st May 2019 to submit. Click the link below to access additional information about the survey and to view the Privacy Statement.

Thank you in advance.

Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Catrine ECC and PS are holding Parental Information sessions in Catrine Primary School on Monday 27th May to highlight the teaching and learning involved in the new EAC HWB frameworks for RSHP – Relationships, SHealth and Parenthood.

These sessions are open to all parents/carers of children from both the ECC and PS, and will outline the learning that your child will be involved with over the coming years.

All preschool pupils at Catrine ECC, and P1-P7 pupils at Catrine PS, will be issued with a letter containing more details over the next few days (see PDFs below).

Monday 27th May – Session 1: 9.00-9.45am, Session 2: 2.15-3.00pm and Session 3: 6.30-7.15pm in the primary school.

We hope you are able to join us at one of these information sessions.  Please note that these sessions are for parents/carers only – no pupils should attend.

Mrs Govans
Head Teacher

RSHP letter EL

RSHP letter FL

RSHP letter SL


New Life

Today in P4/5 Charlotte and Stripy  found their wings when they emerged from their chrysalises.  The two beauties were freed in the playground where they flew off to pastures new to start the life cycle all over again.



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Today in Primary 6 we decided to take our learning outdoors with our topic of Fractions. We made connections with fractions of different objects and were amazed at how many we found! Sophie said she likes taking concepts outside as it relates to ‘the real world’. Here are some photos from our afternoon.