Primary 7 Spelling Words – 29th April

This week the Primary 7’s will be learning to spell words containing the ‘f’ phoneme. The spelling words for each group are:

Blue Group

  1. February
  2. frightened
  3. butterfly
  4. following
  5. magnificent
  6. different
  7. daffodil
  8. difficult
  9. giraffe
  10. offend
  11. phoneme
  12. paragraph
  13. biography
  14.  autograph
  15. atmosphere

Green Group

  1. after
  2. face
  3. faint
  4. crafty
  5. magnificent
  6. traffic
  7. daffodil
  8. difficult
  9. raffle
  10. staff
  11. graph
  12. telephone
  13. elephant
  14. phantom
  15. photograph

Pupils should continue complete the fun spelling tasks in their homework jotters, however jotters will not be collected in at the end of the week. The class will have a weekly spelling test on a Friday as usual. Thank you for your continued support.

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