P6 Spelling Homework

Primary 6 have been focussing on the phoneme ‘ae’ over the past week. All pupils should learn the core spelling words and can, if they want, learn the challenge words. Pupils can continue to complete the fun spelling tasks in their homework jotters however jotters will not be collected at the end of each week. Our weekly spelling test will take place every Friday.

Core words

  • mistake
  • place
  • amaze
  • grater
  • painting
  • airport
  • pair
  • journey
  • trolley
  • prey
  • Sunday
  • holiday
  • delay
  • greater
  • break
  • pear

Challenge words

  • reindeer
  • plain
  • emigrate
  • convey
  • dismay
  • weight
  • calculate
  • complain
  • reign
  • hesitate


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