Catrine Show

Catrine Show are running competitions for:

children up to 9 years –  create: decorated stones, decorated digestive biscuits

children from 9 years to 14 years – create an edible mobile phone

Entries to be made at home.

All entries have to be taken to the baking/craft tent by 9.30 a.m.

Prizes to be won – good luck!!


People Who Help Us

The children have been learning about People who can help us through a variety of Stories, games and role-play activities. Before Easter the children met a firefighter, they now want to know more about the  Police  and Ambulance service.

Mindset Monday

Primary 6 have set their goals for this week and displayed them on the ‘Mindset Monday’ board. Aimee said – “it is important to set yourself goals so you have something to work towards”. Tommy agreed with this and said “setting yourself goals can help motivate you to achieve them”.

Star of the Day – winners

Star of the Day winners for week commencing Monday 22 April. Congratulations to:

Star of the Day – winners


Star of the Day – winners

Star of the Day winners for week commencing Monday 15 April. Congratulations to:

Star of the Day – winners


New Additions

In P4/5 we have welcomed some new additions to our classroom in the form of caterpillars.  The insects are happily living within a class tank where we will observe the changes over the coming days and weeks. We will be learning about their lifecycle and will hopefully get to see it first hand.


Primary 7 Spelling Words – 29th April

This week the Primary 7’s will be learning to spell words containing the ‘f’ phoneme. The spelling words for each group are:

Blue Group

  1. February
  2. frightened
  3. butterfly
  4. following
  5. magnificent
  6. different
  7. daffodil
  8. difficult
  9. giraffe
  10. offend
  11. phoneme
  12. paragraph
  13. biography
  14.  autograph
  15. atmosphere

Green Group

  1. after
  2. face
  3. faint
  4. crafty
  5. magnificent
  6. traffic
  7. daffodil
  8. difficult
  9. raffle
  10. staff
  11. graph
  12. telephone
  13. elephant
  14. phantom
  15. photograph

Pupils should continue complete the fun spelling tasks in their homework jotters, however jotters will not be collected in at the end of the week. The class will have a weekly spelling test on a Friday as usual. Thank you for your continued support.

P4/5 Homework

During the course of this week all children will be given a personalised common word spelling grid.  These are the words that your child should focus over the next few weeks.  When they feel confident with these words they can bring their grid to school for a spelling check-up before moving on to the next set of common words specific to them.

The 4 week rolling programme of phonemes, diacritical marking, tricky words and spelling rules will continue during class time.

Children should continue to access maths tasks through Active Learn as well as practise their times tables.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs McCaig

P6 Spelling Homework

Primary 6 have been focussing on the phoneme ‘ae’ over the past week. All pupils should learn the core spelling words and can, if they want, learn the challenge words. Pupils can continue to complete the fun spelling tasks in their homework jotters however jotters will not be collected at the end of each week. Our weekly spelling test will take place every Friday.

Core words

  • mistake
  • place
  • amaze
  • grater
  • painting
  • airport
  • pair
  • journey
  • trolley
  • prey
  • Sunday
  • holiday
  • delay
  • greater
  • break
  • pear

Challenge words

  • reindeer
  • plain
  • emigrate
  • convey
  • dismay
  • weight
  • calculate
  • complain
  • reign
  • hesitate


We need your help: STEM Pirate Ships

George, our engineer, came in this morning to start our pirate STEM project with us.  We are hoping to create our very own pirate ships! But we need your help. We are hoping to use lots of recycled material so we need:

  • shoe boxes or cereal boxes
  • sticks
  • fabric or tissue paper
  • Milk bottle lids
  • cocktail sticks
  • a little toy to decorate the front
  • string
  • Tubes, like kitchen roll tubes
  • eggs boxes

Please start bringing them in to school so we can start planning our project.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Mrs Ferguson


P3/4 Spelling Homework wk 29.4.19

During the course of this week all children will be given a personalised Common Word spelling grid.  These are the words that your child should focus on over the next few weeks.  New sounds will continue to be introduced however it is important that these common words are continued to be practised.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Ferguson

Primary 7 Touch Rugby Festival

Well done to all of the Primary 7 pupils who competed in the Touch Rugby Festival at the Barony Campus in Cumnock today. The pupils demonstrated great teamwork and had good fun! The girls and boys competed against Auchinleck, Mauchline and Ochiltree and faced some very tough competition. Congratulations to the girls who were runners up and were each awarded a medal for their effort. Great work everyone!

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Easter Egg Competition

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Primary 6 had great fun last Thursday designing and making their own creations for the Easter egg competition. There were some fantastic ideas and great creativity was shown when designing the eggs. Our overall winner was Summer – well done! Here are some pictures of our creations.

Easter Egg Competition

Once again our pupils have amazed us with their creativity and imagination and have done an amazing job of decorating their eggs. Every year we see new ideas and although there can be only one winner in each stage, the children should all be extremely proud of their creations.  Well done to all the winners who are pictured below.

ECC Closure – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Catrine Early Childhood Centre will be used as a polling station on Thursday 23rd May 2019 for the upcoming European Elections.

Therefore, the ECC will be closed to all children on that day.

All ECC children have been issued with a letter from Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Head of Education for East Ayrshire Council.

Please click on the link to view letter:

Catrine ECC – Euro Elections – 23 May 2019

Big Sleepover – Catrine P.S.

Primary 6 pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Big Sleepover at Catrine Primary School on Friday 7th June 2019. Your child has been given information today. Please complete and return as soon as possible. Please click on the link below for further information:

Big Sleepover @ Catrine P.S.

Further information will be available nearer the event date.

Mrs Govans


March Questionnaire – Results

Thank you to all our parents who completed the March Questionnaire. Your opinions and feeback is gratefully received. To view the results, please click on the link below:

March questionnaire 2019

Thank you.

Mrs Govans

Lego Goodies Arrive

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Some Lego Movie 2 merchandise arrived in school for our budding rocket engineers. The goodies were shipped to the P4/5 group who had their eco-rocket selected as a runner-up in a national Lego Competition.