Report Cards and Parents Afternoon/Evening

I hope you all enjoyed reading your child’s Report Card over the weekend, and have managed to complete the wee sheet highlighting the parts of  the report that you and your child are proud of, and the areas that need to be focused on.

It’s always great to read about the progress that has been made by all pupils throughout the year, and to receive guidance from their teachers about what they need to focus on to ensure continued success in all areas of school life.  

That is why making an appointment for our upcoming Parents Afternoon/Evening is so important – it gives you a chance to discuss your child’s progress, and their next steps, with their teacher which will help to make their transition in to their next class so much easier.

There are still appointments left so please phone the school on 01290 551436 to organise a time.

So far –

P1 – 13 out of 23 pupils have appointments

P2/3 – 10 out of 22 pupils have appointments

P3/4 – 11 out of 20 pupils have appointments

P4/5 – 13 out of 21 pupils have appointments

P6 – 10 out of 20 pupils have appointments

P7 – 8 out of 19 pupils have appointments

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday Afternoon/Evening.

Mrs Govans
Scotland are playing the Republic of Ireland in the Under 18 Schools Centenary Shield.  
The game is taking place at Somerset Park in Ayr kicking off at 7pm.
Entry is £5 for adults and £2 for concessions.
For further information, please click on the link below:

Scotland v Ireland Poster


K’nex Challenge.

Chelsea and Tommy went to Auchinleck Academy on Tuesday for the k’nex challenge.

We were asked to build a go- kart that was 30 cm wide and 10 to 20 cm high and it had to move forward and backwards , right and left and a steering mechanism.

It was fun and a good experience and we got sweeties and colouring pencils

By Tommy And Chelsea xxx

Your child has been issued with their report card today. Included with the report card is a response sheet that should be completed at home together, once you have read through the report card. There is a section for both you and your child to comment on the aspects of the report that you’re pleased with and proud of, and areas which you would like to discuss further.. Please ensure that the response sheet is returned by Tuesday 26th March.

I hope you enjoy reading about your child’s successful year at Catrine Primary School and we look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Afternoon/Evening on Wednesday 27th March.

Mrs Govans

School Meals Survey – Pupils

Please find attached East Ayrshire Council – Catering Service – School Meals Survey for pupils. You can scan the code to complete the survey online or you can get a copy from the main office. If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

School Meals Survey – Pupils

Thank you.

Easter Chicks

A staggering £99.00 has been raised so far from selling “Easter Chicks”. The last day to purchase a chick  will be Thursday 28 March. Primary 7 would like to thank everyone who has already purchased one. A special thanks to Mrs Goudie for making our “chicks”.

There are still a few left to purchase. So hurry ………………

New Football Strips

Our new football strip was delivered today from Stuart at Donsport. They look FANTASTIC!! I’ve got a feeling Catrine Football Team will now be on a winning streak! Wish our team well!

Thank you to Arnold Clark Ford Kilmarnock who donated £450.00 towards our new strip.

P1 & P2/3 Fire and Rescue Visit

Today we had some visitors from the Fire Station in Kilmarnock.

We learned that fire fighters have to wear a helmet, a jacket, boots that are joined to trousers, gloves and a balaclava. They are made from a special material that means they don’t burn as quickly. We got to try some of them on.

If you see a fire you should call 999.

by Lee, Lexi, Caleb Davidson & Ellie


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Primary 6 have been learning all about the human heart. Yesterday they took part in CPR training alongside Mrs Watt and put theory into practice. They practised chest compressions on the dummies and the recovery position on one another. What a fantastic afternoon!

P3/4 Fire and Rescue Service Visit

Today we had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service.  We learned:

“the comb on the fire fighters helmets makes anything that falls on it, slide off the back” Cooper

“Their boots are really hard.  You can’t feel anything if something falls on them” Kay-Cee

“All the special clothes they wear are made from special material” Lauren

“Their clothes have reflective strips on them” Sonny

“There is gold in their visors to stop the plastic melting” Keir

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All About the Lungs!

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Both Primary 6 and Primary 2/3 have been learning all about the human body through their topic and decided to team up to learn all about the lungs. Primary 6 had previously been learning about the respiratory system and brought along their fantastic lung diagrams to teach P2/3 what they had learned. They then paired up to make their very own paper bag lungs, which turned out great. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Movie Mania

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Some of the P4/5 pupils recently finished reading the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. Today they got the chance to watch the movie and compare the characters and plot to the novel.  The group were engrossed in the movie and loved the opportunity to spot the differences.  They had painted pictures in their head of the setting and main characters and they couldn’t believe how different they were!  They will watch the remainder of the movie tomorrow before they begin to work on some comparison tasks to finish off term 3.


Cumnock Rotary Club – Quiz

Four P7 pupils represented Catrine PS on Friday night at the annual Cumnock Rotary Club Primary 7 Quiz.

Chloe McCluckie, Carley Cuthbert, Tyler McPike and Aidan Murphy had to answer 60 questions, covering subjects from Sport to Geography to Scotland to Films/TV.

Although our team didn’t win, they worked very well together and represented our school in a responsible and sensible manner.

Thanks to their parents for coming along to support our pupils – it was a great night!

Mrs Govans

Team Catrine