End of Term 3

What a busy term this has been!

Our time in school has flown in since January, and we’ve been involved in so many amazing activities over the past three months, ranging from…

P7 Residential Trip to Dolphin House and swimming sessions

P6 at K’Nex Challenge,

P4/5 at Basketball

P5, P6 and P7 pupils voting in the Catrine Participatory Budget election

Committee Groups

Numeracy Open Morning

Scots Verse Afternoon

ECC Transition visits starting

Crazy Dress Down Day

P7 Transition visits starting

planting 210 saplings in our school grounds

and Catrine Community Council Litter Pick – to name but a few!!

I hope everyone has a lovely, restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of our pupils returning on Monday 15th April ready to start another wonderful term of teaching and learning at Catrine ECC and Catrine PS.

Mrs Govans

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