Chinese Dragons

As part of our Chinese New Year topic, we teamed up with Margaret from the Maidsafe Foundation. Primary 1 drew pictures of a dragon, Margaret took them away and used a laser cutter to put them on to a different media. Margaret showed us videos of the laser cutter in action and then we used tissue paper to create our own dragon sun catchers.

Digital Learning

Today we were learning about the use of QR codes and Keynote.  The  P1 children in our committee chose some of their favourite books from the reading area in their class. Some of the older children then created iMovies of them reading the book. They then uploaded their video into a Sway, copied the link and created a QR code. They then stuck the QR code on to the book. This allowed the other children to scan the code and have an audio recording of the book read to them. The P1 children had great fun listening to the stories this afternoon. The rest of the committee designed their own characters and created an animation using Keynote.


Modern Languages Committee Group

Today we learned about Mardi Gras in our Committee Group. Mardi Gras (meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’), or Shrove Tuesday, is an annual celebration in France. It is also called ‘le carnaval’. People line the streets in carnival costumes and there are colourful parades, music and dance. The traditional colours of Mardi Gras are purple, gold and green.

Children take part in Mardi Gras by wearing fancy dress and masks in bright colours. We made our own Mardi Gras masks today and tasted some French crepes filled with chocolate.

Next time we will be learning about Easter in France, and will be having a French party!

DYW – Teamwork all the way

Today was our 3rd day of our Committee Groups. We came up with a name for the careers event we are planning it will be called:

‘Catch Your Career Festival’.

We also designed invitations for the event.

After break we went outside to do some fun team building games. We had to communicate, listen, problem solve, motivate and encourage each other.  These are all skills we will use when we are older and working in teams at work.

Eryn and Tyler

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Catrine Heritage Committee

Mrs Bunting came in to visit and showed us some things from the past.  We looked a photographs and old nursery uniforms.  She told us lots of funny nursery stories!

We then typed up our nursery memories on the laptop to make our display neat.  And we designed bunting to use in our display to celebrate the nurseries 50th birthday.

By Neve, Leighton and Lucy

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Online Safety – Advice from East Ayrshire Council


A dangerous online game called “MOMO” is targeting children on social media. It instructs children to do dangerous tasks and a disturbing character threatens them with violence, if these are not done. Please be vigilant, make sure your child’s device is set up safely and encourage them to report anything they see online that scares or worries them. #eastayrshire #internetsafety #OnlineSafety

February Questionnaire – Results

Thanks to everyone who completed this month’s questionnaire. Results are highlighted below. As a result of consultation with parents, staff and pupils we will be making some changes to our homework provision starting in Term 4. More details to follow.

February questionnaire

Thank you

Mrs Govans

Everything is Awesome!

P4/5 have been hard at work creating space rockets for the Lego Movie 2 competition.  They worked in groups to design and build a rocket to help Emmet rescue Lucy from Planet Duplo. They had to use recycled materials and Lego blocks as well as creating PowerPoint presentations to ‘launch’ their rockets.  They worked so hard on their creations and presented in front of the full school at Assembly this morning.  All of the children in the school voted for their favourite rocket – and it was a very close call! Just out in front were The Power Builders with their Lost Lego Rocket.  Their design will now be sent off to the national competition. The winners will be announced in April. Well done P4/5.

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East Ayrshire Netball Festival

Well done to all of the P6 and P7 pupils who competed in the East Ayrshire Netball Festival at Cumnock Academy today. The pupils worked very well together as a team and had great fun playing against other schools. They won 4 games, lost 3 and came in 5th place overall. Great effort everyone!


Sophie Smith, Sophie Donnelly, Connor Donnelly, Alix McClue and  Layla Shaw recently took part in a Judo competition. They all received a trophy for competing.  They train in Catrine Games Hall on a Thursday  and are always on the lookout for new members .

Ordering of School Lunches

Please ensure you order your child’s lunch on ParentPay in advance. 10% of children did not order today, therefore they didn’t receive their preferred choice of meal. If you have any difficulty in ordering your child’s meal, please contact the school office on 01290 551436 or in person.

Thank you.

Donation to ECC Funds

Catrine ECC Parents Committee have made a huge donation to our nursery funds.

The wonderful amount of £1430.00 has been donated.

This money has been raised over the past couple of years through various fundraising activities – prize bingo, collection tins in local shops and Christmas activities.

The Parents Committee has now been disbanded and we would like to thank all of the parents/carers and the wider community of Catrine for their support.  The money will be used to purchase resources and outdoor play equipment for our ECC children.

Thanks again.

Mrs Govans

Buddy Visit

Today some P6s went down to the nursery to meet their buddies. We got to join in with some of the activities and got to play outside with them. We also got to talk to our buddy and find out more about them.

We are looking forward to having them come up to visit us at school.

By Sophie and Leon

Questionnaire 2 – February 2019

Parent/Carer Questionnaire  

At Catrine PS we are constantly looking for ways to improve our school to ensure that we deliver the best possible learning and teaching experiences for our pupils.   We recognise the importance of the views and opinions of parents/carers, so each month we will post a short questionnaire on GLOW. 

It would be much appreciated if you could complete the questionnaire. All responses will be anonymous.  We will display the results of each questionnaire on GLOW so that you are kept up to date with our priorities for improvement.  Our pupils will also complete the same questionnaire in their House groups during our Home Circle time.     

Homework is an established part of school life. In order to ensure homework is enhancing your child’s learning and progress, we would appreciate if you could complete the short survey.     

Please complete by Wednesday 20 February.   

Cumnock Chronicle – P7 class photograph

The Cumnock Chronicle will be in school on Thursday 21 February at 10.00 a.m. to take the Primary 7 class photograph. This photograph will be published in a future copy of the Chronicle. Please complete: