Developing the Young Workforce

Today the Developing the Young Workforce Committee had their second meeting.  They came up with over 100 different jobs that can be done in lots of different settings before picking their favourites and listing the skills and qualities that are needed for them. They then surveyed everyone in the school to find out the types of jobs that their parents/carers have.  They created a pie chart to display their findings.

They also explored the ‘My World of Work’ website which is available for P5 and up.  It has lots of fun quizzes to complete which then matches you to areas of work that might interest you.  It also builds a profile about you based on your answers – it was really accurate! (Check out Eryn’s below)

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To finish off they brainstormed some enterprise ideas before completing a team building activity to create a Knex Bridge. They had to use lots of different skills like communication, problem solving and team work.


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