ECC Registration for 2019/20 Session

Children born between 1 March 2016 and 28 February 2017 are eligible to register for an early learning and childcare place at Catrine ECC. Please click on the link for dates and times.

Nursery Reg Poster 2019-20

Lost Property

Please ensure all lost property is collected from the school before Thursday 7 February. Lost property is on display every day – one box is at the infant department, and  the other is situated at the door where the children exit at night. After that date all lost property will be included in our Rag Bag collection.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Scots Verse Recital

You are warmly invited to our Scots Verse Recital on Friday 1 February at 1.15 p.m. within the school. Our 1st place winners from each stage will recite their poems. Primary 1 will perform as a whole class. The overall winner will be announced on the day.

We look forward to seeing you.

Committee for Inclusion

Today in our committee group we explored what the term inclusion means and what that looks like at Catrine Primary. We looked at the difference between inclusion, exclusion, segregation and integration and then made models to represent them.

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We had lots of discussion about how we can ensure everyone at Catrine Primary is included and supported in their learning.

We also had a visit from the Digital Learning Committee who demonstrated immersive reader and how it can be used to support our learning.

Developing the Young Workforce

Today the Developing the Young Workforce Committee had their second meeting.  They came up with over 100 different jobs that can be done in lots of different settings before picking their favourites and listing the skills and qualities that are needed for them. They then surveyed everyone in the school to find out the types of jobs that their parents/carers have.  They created a pie chart to display their findings.

They also explored the ‘My World of Work’ website which is available for P5 and up.  It has lots of fun quizzes to complete which then matches you to areas of work that might interest you.  It also builds a profile about you based on your answers – it was really accurate! (Check out Eryn’s below)

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To finish off they brainstormed some enterprise ideas before completing a team building activity to create a Knex Bridge. They had to use lots of different skills like communication, problem solving and team work.


Digital Learning Committee Update

Today the Digital Learning Committee joined up with the Inclusion Committee. They demonstrated to all of the members in the Inclusion Committee and some of the teachers how  Immersive Reader can be used to support their learning.  The Primary 7 children can’t wait to show Mrs McKenna the new translate function, to help with their French.

We then went on to look at Internet Safety in preparation for Safer Internet day on Tuesday 5th February. The children have prepared a SWAY to share the importance of Internet Safety with everyone at home, a PowerPoint to share with the learners at assembly and posters to put up around the school.

Modern Languages Committee Group

Today we met for our second Committee Group session. We started off the morning by revising greetings and how to say ‘my name is’ in French. We also met Camembear who helped us with counting to 10 and saying colours in French. We then played parachute games in the gym hall to practise our vocabulary. Next time we will learn some more French vocabulary and will  plan our French party!

Catrine Heritage Committee

In the Catrine heritage committee we have been helping the nursery with their 50th anniversary celebration. This is only our second meeting so we haven’t got much done yet but what we have done today is draw lovely detailed  pictures of our favourite nursery memories. We also wrote a few sentences about them. These will be displayed in the nursery building during the celebrations.

By Lucy Winning p5


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Primary 6 have been enjoying their gymnastics block in PE. This week we set up the apparatus to practise the skills we have been learning such as balancing, travelling, jumping and rolling. Here are some pictures!

Number Flexibility

In P4/5 we have been learning the ‘Multiplying-Up’ Number Talks strategy to help us solve division problems.  We have even tackled 4 digit numbers divided by 2 digit numbers. Our brains are growing by the day!  Ask me about it at home and I will show you!

Fossil Fun

The Grapes were learning all about fossils in their non-fiction reading book. To end their book they created their own fossils using play-doh and different parts of toy dinosaurs.  We made some trace fossils of teeth and feet as well as heads and tails. They looked super!

January 2019 Questionnaire results

Thanks to everyone who completed our recent survey.  We are delighted with the results as they show that our pupils are happy to come to Catrine PS, and that our parents/carers feel that we are an approachable and helpful school, ready to work with them to ensure the best education for their children.  Please look out for future questionnaires on Glow – we appreciate your feedback and your continued support.

Mrs Govans

Questionnaire 1 – results



Adverse Weather

Due to adverse weather conditions, please ensure that the school has up to date contact details for your child. All communication will be sent by email, text and GLOW/Blog posts.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01290 551436 or

Thank you.

Star of the Day – Winners

Star of the Day Winners for week commencing Monday 14 January. Congratulations to:

14.1.19 – Winners