ECC – Elmer Room

In the Elmer room the children have still been finding out about day and night. They have been talking about their daily routines and what they do at different times of the day and about when it gets dark.

They made telescopes so they could see what was in the sky during the day and at night.

ECC – Halloween

In the ECC we had a Halloween day, many of the children dressed up and we hunted for bugs in the leaves and had a tray of worms to investigate. Some of the children help to carve a pumpkin and found out what is inside the pumpkin.

A selection of our fabulous costumes.

ECC – Monkey Room

In the Monkey Room the children had been talking about the bin lorry after they watched it emptying the ECC bins. They talked about the different bins that they had at home and how different things went into different bins. They found out that some rubbish can be re-cycled and made into new things and that they shouldn’t drop their litter outside.

Some of the children helped to makes signs for our bins so we know where to put our rubbish.
The children helped Janet to gather up the rubbish that can be recycled and put it in the big bin ready for collection.

ECC – Gruffalo Room

The children had been watching the diggers outside the nursery, so in the Gruffalo Room we ended up with a construction site. They have worked on foundations, building up the brick work, plumbing and drinking lots of tea.

Laying out the bricks in the building site.
Team work to get the job done.

Our P7 pupils, in association with Mr W Garven and Poppy Scotland, will be collecting donations for poppies from Monday 5th November.

Poppies will be on sale to pupils each morning from 5th to 9th November.

All donations will be collected in a Poppy Scotland collection tin, and we will receive a certificate from Poppy Scotland highlighting the amount of money that is raised within Catrine PS.

Thank you for your support.