I think, I see, I wonder

P2/3 used ‘I think, I see, I wonder’ to generate ideas and discussion around our exciting new space topic!

“I wonder if she is in a rocket” – Ryan
“I wonder why her hair is floating” – Georgia
“I wonder what all the cables are for” – Ashton
“I see a panel to steer” – Lexi
“I wonder what is on her neck” – Georgia
“I think she might be stuck in there” – Ewan
“I wonder what the thing she is looking into is” – Charlie
“I think it looks very dangerous with all the wires” – Alicia
“I wonder what the white thing is” – Elle


“I can see fire and smoke” – Carter
“I think it is a rocket” – Kaylie
“I wonder what planet they are going to” – Elle
“I wonder who is inside the rocket” – Antonia
“I think they are going to the moon” – Marley
“I wonder how far it can go” – Joey
“I wonder what kind of petrol it uses” – Aiden
“I see a planet” – Kelsey
“I think that is the Earth that we live in” – Millie
“I wonder what the green parts are” – Lexi
“I see the bright sun” – Ewan
“I think that is outer space” – Josh L
“I wonder what the shiny bit is” – Kaylie
“I see lots of stars” – Ryan
“I wonder how many stars there are” – Elle

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