P3/4 Lantern Making

Primary 3/4 had a fantastic morning making lanterns for the parade next Sunday.  They worked so hard to create the willow structures then they used special latex glue to attach the paper.  Finally they cut penguins and snowflakes out of black paper to decorate them.  I think you’ll agree that they look fantastic!

If you fancy making your own (even bigger) lantern, head to the institute from 1pm til 5pm tomorrow where you will be able to take part in a free lantern making workshop.  There’s no need to book, just pop along.

This week in Primary 7

Primary 7 have had a busy week with show rehearsals, committee groups, fundraising and a Dolphin House meeting. Here’s what else they’ve been up to.

  • This week Primary 7 started to practise social dancing in preparation for their Christmas party. The class were polite and mannerly when asking their partner to dance, and worked very well together.
  • Paige used her leadership skills in maths to lead a game of multiplication bingo. Well done Paige!
  • Daisy has been working really hard on her spelling work and has achieved full marks in her spelling test the last two weeks. Keep up the good work Daisy!

We have another busy week next week as it is the final week of show rehearsals. Not long to go now!

Primary 6

It has been a very busy week in Primary 6 with the Christmas show practise however we have been working really hard in maths, literacy and PE. We started social dancing yesterday in preparation for our Christmas party. Here are some pictures to show what we have been up to.

Primary 1

Today I did great number work. I made calculations with the sticks. Caleb D

Today I did 1 add 1 with the sticks and that equals 2. Olly

I was counting the Pom-poms and making cupcakes. Harry

I made my name using sticks. Lennox

P7 Fundraising

Primary 7 will be doing various fundraising events from December 2018 until May 2019 to enable them to purchase leavers hoodies. The class will work together as a whole team to achieve their goal. They will keep you up to date with their income/expenditure spreadsheet at the end of each activity.

Their 1st fundraising event:

“We will be selling a Catrine Primary School 2019 calendar. The cost of the calendar is £1.00. The calendars will be on sale from Friday 30 November until Friday 14 December. You can purchase as many calendars as you need.”

You will be able to purchase these from your ParentPay account. Calendars will be distributed to the children the day following payment. These would be a perfect Christmas present!

“Thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts”

Primary 7

Modern Languages Committee Group

Today was our first Committee Group session.

We agreed that our aims are:

  • To develop an understanding of French vocabulary and culture.
  • To recognise similarities and differences between Scotland and France.
  • To work together to plan and organise a French party.

We learned how to use ‘bonjour’, ‘salut’ and ‘au revoir’ to greet people in French today, and how to say ‘my name is’. We were also learning about Christmas in France and learned lots of French Christmas vocabulary. We had a great morning!

  Meet our Modern Languages Committee Group


Catrine Christmas Angels

Catrine Christmas Angels have been hard at work today organising Santa Dust and Reindeer food. This will go on sale soon on ParentPay.


Take a look ………………………..

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P4/5 have been hard at work wiring electrical circuits to power light, sound and movement.  They used their problem solving skills to insert switches to allow their devices to be turned on and off. They even created turbines! How cool!

Inclusion committee group.

Our aims are to

  • Inspire others to think differently.
  • encourage people to be themselves.
  • to help people understand what inclusion means.
  • To make sure everyone feels equal and able to get the support that they need
  • include others.
  • to ensure everyone has the confidence to ask for help.

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Today we we learned about gender stereotypes in toys and how we can make sure everyone’s able to play with what they want.


The Inclusion Committee

Digital Learning Committee

Today we met for the first time. We had a group discussion about applying for our Digital Schools Award and what we need to work on.

We learned about a new tile on GLOW called Office 365. We went in to Word and used the Immersive reader feature. Immersive reader has built in overlays and can help to support your reading in different ways. It can read your writing back to you, it can also show you different parts of speech and it can split words into syllables.

Courtney, Stuart and Kerr

Developing the Young Workforce Committee

Meet our Developing the Young Workforce Committee.

Our aims this year are to:

  • Raise awareness of DYW and what it means in our school
  • Raise awareness of the skills we are learning in school that will support us in life and work.
  • Host a Jobs Fayre
  • Organise an Enterprise Event

We hope you will support us in achieving our goals.

Meet our Developing the Young Workforce Committee.

Catrine Heritage commitee


  • learn about Catrine’s history
  • help the nursery with their 50th celebrations

Today we talked about why we like living in Catrine and drew pictures .

After break we split in to 3 groups :

  1. Emailed Mrs Murdoch at the nursery to find out  information for our booklet.
  2. Wrote a letter to Mrs Bunting to find out  information for our booklet.
  3. Built Catrine  buildings with Lego

By Lewis and Declan (P7)



P3/4’s Experiment: Healthy Teeth

P3/4 have been investigating which liquids do the most damage to our teeth.  We used boiled eggs to represent the enamel of our teeth and put them in different liquids:  cola, water, orange juice and vinegar.  We had to make sure it was a fair test so we measured the liquid and kept the eggs in the cupboard for A WEEK!…Yuk!  Today we were very excited to find out what had happened to the eggs.  We were amazed by our results…

We learned that it is important to make good choices about what we drink as it affects our teeth.

Committee Groups

Every year the children take part in committee groups where they have the opportunity to develop skills such as leadership, team work, communication and organisation.  The groups meet four times throughout the year and each group is made up of pupils from P1 through to P7. Look out for updates on GLOW on the work each group is doing.

Dates of meetings:

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Roberta Schendel

Committee Groups 2018.19


Star of the Day – winners

Star of the Day Winners for week commencing Monday 19 November. Congratulations to:

Primary 1

Primary 2/3

Primary 3/4

Primary 4/5

Primary 6

Primary 7


Primary 7 – Poppy Appeal

Mr Garven visited Primary 7 this week to inform them that they raised an amazing £95.92 for the Scottish Poppy Appeal 2018. The pupils all worked hard on behalf of Poppy Scotland to sell poppies in the school in the week leading up to Remembrance Day. The money raised will help to provide life changing support to the Armed Forces community in Scotland. Well done Primary 7!