Scottish Engineering Awards

Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2017-2018

This year we took part in the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2017-2018. This remarkable STEM award, managed in partnership with Scottish Engineering, the University of Strathclyde, the RAF and Weir asked children:

If you were an engineer, what would you do?

We have just received feedback from the Scottish Engineering Leaders award to say that they enjoyed this year, looking at all the exciting, amazing entries from all the schools who took part.

The Scottish Engineering Leaders Award Public Exhibition of children and pupils’ invention illustrations will be open to the public at the Barony Hall, Glasgow on Friday 8th (9.00am – 4.oopm) and Saturday 9th June 2018 (9.00am – 3.oopm).

The following student/s from Catrine Primary School have been chosen to be put on display:

Neve Rafferty Shortlisted Primary 4 & Khyla Shaw Shortlisted Primary 6

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