Walk to School Week

Dear Parent,

Our school will be taking part in the East Ayrshire Walk to School Week, which runs from Monday 21st May until Thursday 24th May 2018. A daily walking theme has been created to encourage children to walk.

Monday – Walk to School with crazy hair

Tuesday – Walk to School with clothes on back to front

Wednesday – Walk to School with odd socks

Thursday – Walk to School in your pyjamas

We all know that walking is good for us. Walking to school is not only easy, but it is a great way to exercise and keep fit.  Walking to school also helps reduce pollution, and can boost pupils’ social and road safety skills.

We are seeking your support for this campaign, and hopefully you will join in by walking with your child/children to school for all or part of the week. If you normally travel by car, you can still take part – leave home 5 minutes earlier in the morning, park away from the school and enjoy a 5 minute walk to the school.  That’s all it takes to join in.

Schools all over East Ayrshire are taking part in this event. Let’s all enjoy walking to school.

Thank you from Mrs Schendel and the Pupils Council

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