Transition Visit – Group 1

A few of the boys and girls from the ECC came up for their transition visit to Catrine Primary School.  They enjoyed exploring the school and meeting their P6 buddies.  We made ginger scented play dough and enjoyed playing in the playground with the school boys and girls.  It was great fun!

primary 6/7 are engineers in the making

George is our engineer. He has worked with us in the past to build fantastic cranes. This term he is helping us to develop our design and engineering skills, as we learn about the construction of cars. Today we were learning about when and where cars originated from. We are very excited going forward and can’t wait to build our own.

ParentPay at Catrine Primary School

Frequently asked questions

parent letter 02.02.18

Please see the attached letters which explain how ParentPay is going to be introduced at Catrine Primary School.

We are hosting an Information Evening on Tuesday 20th February in the school at 6.30pm.  Wendy Watson from East Ayrshire Council will be here to explain the new system and to answer any questions.

We hope to see you there.

Mrs Govans

P7 Scottish Politics

Primary 7 had a visit recently from the Scottish government to increase their knowledge about politics. It was fun, engaging and interactive. The children had a great time and developed their interest in Scottish politics.

Dress Down Day

Our Pupil Council organised a Dress Down Day today to raise funds to buy outdoor play equipment.

We raised £100!

We will be ordering new equipment for our playground after the February holiday.

Thank you – and have a great holiday.

All about Primary 1

We hope you and your child enjoy reading through the ‘Welcome to Primary 1’ booklet.  It’s an excellent opportunity to read all about it before they come up for a visit to Catrine Primary School.  Please check our transition section of the blog for dates and times of visits.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask Lorraine, Nyree or Mrs Govans.

catrine transition

ECC visits to Primary 1


Monday 19th February 201

(Group 1)

Infant Department,

Catrine Primary School

8.40am to 11.40am

(drop off and pick up by parent at the school)

Monday 26th February 2018 (Group 2)
Monday 5th March 2018 (Group 3)
Monday 12th March 2018

(Group 4)

Wednesday 21st March

(all children)

Numeracy morning,

Catrine Primary School

Bring your child to the ECC at usual times and ECC staff will walk to and from Catrine Primary School for this visit
Monday 23rd April 2018 (Group 1) Infant Department,

Catrine Primary School

8.40am to 11.40am

(drop off and pick up by parent at the school)

Monday 30th April 2018 (Group 2)
Wednesday 9th May 2018

(all children)

Literacy morning,

Catrine Primary School

Bring your child to the ECC at usual times and ECC staff will walk to and from Catrine Primary School for this visit
Monday 14th May 2018 (Group 3) Infant Department,

Catrine Primary School

8.40am to 11.40am

(drop off and pick up by parent at the school)

Monday 21st May 2018 (Group 4)
Week Beginning 4th June 2018


Health & Wellbeing Week P6 Buddies visiting us within the ECC

Scots Verse Competition Winners

Well done to all the pupils in the school who worked very hard to learn their Scots poems.  We had a lovely afternoon singing Scottish songs and reciting poetry and the first placed winners of our competition performed their poems wonderfully.

Congratulations to all the winners below:

P2  Social Dancing by Anne Kelly                                                                                        1st  – Cooper Hollow                                                                                                                 2nd – Lexie Boland                                                                                                                       3rd  – Keira Scatchard

P3  Twa Leggit Mice by J K Annand                                                                                     1st – Jayden Duncan                                                                                                             2nd – Keir Shirkie                                                                                                                      3rd – Kay-Cee Johnston

P4  The Sair Finger by Walter Wingate                                                                              1st – Daryl Templeton                                                                                                            2nd –  Neve Rafferty                                                                                                              3rd –  Demi Shaw

P5 To a Louse by Robert Burns                                                                                                 1st equal – Sophie McKinnon and Tommy Hamilton                                           3rd – Erin Morrison

P6 Willie Wastle by Robert Burns                                                                                         1st – KaylaShaw                                                                                                                            2nd – Cadence Gardiner                                                                                                         3rd – Carley Cuthbert

P7 Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns                                                                                 1st equal –  Dannii Kerr and Angie Leitch                                                                         3rd – Hailey Rafferty

Winner of the Libby Papworth Quaich – Angie Leitch






Dress Down Day – Friday 9th February

The pupil council have organised a dress down day on Friday 9th February. It will cost £1 and all the donations will go to playground equipment. Please do not wear pajamas or any football kit.

Pupil Council

Making Clouds at the Cevic

The children from the Green group were at the Cevic on the 1/2/18 they made rain clouds. On the way to and from the cevic they were developing their knowledge of road safety, they were also learning about birds and were keen to point out the birds in the trees, on the ground and in the sky. We also had lots of fun recognizing the numbers and letters on the doors, bins and number plates.

Robbie Robin

                 Robbie Robin

Robbie robin came to the ECC to help us learn about what birds need to survive and the types of food they eat. The children made their own bird cakes and are putting them into the garden for the birds to eat.

Stay and Learn Maths

Some of our parents went back to the classroom yesterday when they came to join in with our maths lessons.  They found our maths activities lots of fun. We also showed off our positive mindset to maths and convinced them that we can all have a ‘maths brain’.

Netball Training

Please note that netball training will not be on tomorrow (6/2/18) after school, as I have a meeting to attend in school. Children will return home at 3pm.

Training will resume at 3pm on Tuesday 20th of February, after the February break.


Miss Donnelly