Dress for Dyslexia Day – Thursday 8th March

The Dyslexia Friendly School Committee Group is organising a ‘Dress for Dyslexia’ Day on Thursday 8th March, to raise awareness and promote understanding of Dyslexia across the school.

Lots of people around the world are dyslexic.  This means that they have to use their brains in different ways when they are reading and writing.

The focus colour for Dyslexia is BLUE, so we would like everyone to come to school wearing blue casual clothes.  Please note: no football colours.

Thank you for helping us to make more people aware of Dyslexia, and of the challenges that people with Dyslexia face on a daily basis.

Layla P2/3, Ryan P3/4/5, Dylan P3/4/5, Ewan P5/6, Lewis P6/7 and Reece P6/7

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