Primary 1/2 and 2/3’s Fairyland Adventure!

On Wednesday 7th February Primary 1/2 and 2/3 came into school to find a dragon had visited their classrooms and had left them a letter (we saw him on the cctv).  The letter asked the children for their help as Fairyland had disappeared because no one was reading fairytales anymore.  We wrote a letter back saying we would help him.

On Monday 19th February the children came into school and found Ginger the gingerbread man in the P2/3 classroom.  The dragon asked the boys and girls to take care of Ginger as he had no where to live.  We had a very busy week.  The children made ginger playdough and gingerbread man sun catchers.  On Tuesday Ginger went missing and we decided to make and put up missing posters to help find him.  We found clues to where he was and we found him in the playground!  Today Ginger had brought us delicious gingerbread biscuits to decorate and then, the best part, eating them up.

P1/2 and 2/3’s Fairyland Adventure – to be continued…………

One thought on “Primary 1/2 and 2/3’s Fairyland Adventure!”

  1. I was so happy when you found Ginger safe and well in the playground.
    Thank you for the gingerbread man biscuit today – it was delicious!
    I will make sure that I read another fairytale at home tonight so that we keep saving Fairyland together. Mrs Govans

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