Catrine P.S. – Values

As a staff, we have added another value to the original set, so our School Values are now:

Ambition, Determination, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork (our new value)

We focus on these values regularly, during Assembly, in our Home Circles and in class.

We’re looking for a collective name for our Values.


‘STAR VALUES’ – which would have a display focus of ‘reaching for the stars’, ‘aiming high’ with values displayed on a 7-pointed star.


‘CATRINE VALUES’ – with a display focus of the ‘Catrine Values Wheel’, tying in with the Big Wheel on our school badge and aiming to raise pride and confidence of being a member of Catrine school community and of the village community.

Whichever suggestions gets the most votes – with ECC and PS pupils, parents and staff being consulted – will be announced as our new values name.

Please choose an option below:

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