Primary 1/2 outing to Cevic Centre

Primary 1/2 will be visiting Catrine Cevic Centre on Wednesday 4 October. The children will leave the school at 9.15 a.m. and return by lunch time. All children have been issued with a permission form. Please return signed permission forms by Tuesday 3 October. Miss Burleigh will supervise the children on their outing.

P1/2 Curriculum Outdoors

P1/2 had a COACh (Curriculum Outdoors Attainment Challenge) lesson in literacy and numeracy this week. We were learning about symmetry. We used sticks, stones and shells to create our own symmetrical pictures around the school playground. We also used chalk & spray water bottles to draw our own pictures in the environment and we used the iPad to take pictures of them. In literacy we went on an adventure, we used our imagination hats to gallop across the field, crouch & hide from the crocodiles, use our special looking glasses to see the fairies & finally we marched to find the treasure which was hidden in the bug hotel.

Donation from The Parent Council

The school received a donation of £700.00 from the Parent Council. This has enabled the school to purchase a subscription to the “Twinkl” website. This website is full of wonderful online teaching resources e.g., power points, assembly items, display ideas etc. and will be used by every member of staff in a wide variety of ways.

Thank you very much.

Mrs Govans

Athletics Champions!

Yesterday, some primary 6 and 7 pupils took part in the Sportshall athletics competition at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock. We competed against other schools and came first place overall!

A huge well done to all the children involved. They represented the school well by trying their best, working as a team, showing good sportsmanship and cheering each other on. All pupils did incredibly well and made me very proud!

Go Team Catrine!

Sportshall Athletics Success!!

Today  P6/7 went to the Sports Hall Athletics and won 1st place in our heat . At the Sports Hall Athletics we did an Obstacle Course, 1+1 relay, 2+2 relay and triple jump. After that we did the standing Long Jump, next we done the Chest Push then the javelin and we did the 4+1 relay and another relay. We all had fun and enjoyed it very much.

By Samuel and Sarah

Exploring Maps within the ECC.

The children have been learning about maps, they have learned that you have a starting point and an end once you reach your destination. They designed an outdoor map of the Green space by looking at their surroundings, they also developed their numeracy by counting out the steps between the areas. The children also were able to use their imaginative skills by creating their own map within the soft surface play area, they worked together making a river, putting stepping stones onto the river to cross  it, a path leading to a forest.

Parent Drop-in Sessions

We would like to invite parents/carers to an informal drop-in session on Wednesday 4th October from:

8.45 a.m. – 9.15 a.m. or 2.45 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.

The aim of these sessions are for you to meet your child’s class teacher and to see the quality learning environment that we have in Catrine Primary School. Please note that more focussed discussions about your child’s progress will take place during parents’ day/evening on Wednesday 11th October.

We hope you are able to make one of these sessions and look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Govans

EAST – East Ayrshire Support Team


Please find attached the flyer for EAST Annual Forum on Wednesday 4th October 2017 in Crosshouse Campus where you can:

  • find out about the supports EAST provide to children, young people and their families
  • view a selection of resources used by EAST
  • meet staff from EAST, Psychological Services as well as East Ayrshire’s new GIRFEC (getting it right for every child) and LAC (Looked-after children) Officers
  • enjoy a coffee and chat with professionals on hand to answer questions about additional support needs

The Forum is open to staff and parents/carers.

EAST Forum 4 10 17 Flyer (003)

Badminton After School Club

Please note that the badminton after school club on Monday 25 September is cancelled. Please accept our apologies. If you wish any further information, please contact the school office on 01290 551436.

Thank you.

P6/7 COACh lesson

P6/7 had a COACh (Curriculum Outdoors Attainment Challenge) lesson in literacy and numeracy. We were finding different types of triangles especially triangles with right angles.  We had slips of paper and we were finding the right angles around the school playground. We also found reflex, obtuse, acute and straight angles in the environment and were using protractors to measure them. In literacy we had magnifying glasses and were hunting for bugs and plants. Lastly we had little tubs for catching bugs and flys or centipedes.  We enjoyed doing our maths and language work outside because it was easier to concentrate.

by Sarah and Samuel

Gold Sport Award!

I am very excited to announce that we have been awarded a Gold Sport Award from Sport Scotland!

The School Sport Award is a national initiative which encourages schools to continuously improve physical education and sport. Last session, our sport committee worked hard to come up with ways we could make PE and sport better in Catrine. We introduced these ideas and gathered evidence to submit to Sport Scotland.

The gold award recognises the hard work of our staff and pupils, as well as our commitment to providing young people with a range of valuable experiences and opportunities in physical education, sport and leadership.

A representative from Sport Scotland will be coming into school to present us with our award soon!

Active Literacy

P2/3 have been having lots of fun using our new Active Literacy resources. The children have been learning lots of spelling strategies.

The strategies the children are taught are:-

  • Using phoneme knowledge (sounding out)
  • Syllabification – breaking words down into syllables. The children can clap to identify syllables e.g. go-ing/An-drew
  • Word shape Look at letter shape, size, ascending and descending letters
  • Compound words – Breaking the compound word into simple words e.g. into makes in and to
  • Mnemonic – e.g. because Big Elephants Can Add Up Sums Easily
  • Using Analogy – If you know how to spell mill you can spell will, fill etc
  • Words within words e.g. country – count  try
  • Spelling rules e.g. i before e except after c

At Home

When your child comes home with a list of words you can discuss the sound/phoneme used. You can discuss with them which strategy they use to help them remember to spell each word.

Have fun!

Miss McLean & P2/3


ECC Red AM Group visit to Cevic

The AM Red group visited the Community Garden at the Cevic and found out about planting seeds and beans. They brought back seeds they have planted and will be watching to see how they grow.

P2/3 outing to Catrine Cevic Centre

Primary 2/3 will be visiting Catrine Cevic Centre on Wednesday 27 September. The children will leave the school at 9.15 a.m. and return by lunch time. Miss McLean will accompany the children. Please complete and return the permission form issued to your child.

Thank you.

Cevic Centre – “Clean-up Catrine”

The Cevic Centre is looking for volunteers to help clean up some over grown areas within Catrine. Please follow the link below and contact Heather Robertson on 01290 553566 or 07576791963,

Cevic Centre

Please click on the link below to view activities organised the Catrine Cevic Centre:

CCT activities cevic and games hall

NSPCC Workshop and Assembly

East Ayrshire Council’s Health & Wellbeing Officer has organised the NSPCC to deliver an assembly and workshop to all children within the school on Wednesday 15 November. The assemblies and workshops will be tailored to your child’s age and stage. Please click on the link below for further information. Please call the school if you wish to discuss this further.

Thank you.

NSPCC document


Primary 3/4/5 – visit to Cevic Centre, Catrine

Primary 3/4/5 are visiting the Cevic Centre on Wednesday 20 September. The children will leave the school at 9.15 a.m. and return by lunch time. All children have been issued with a permission form and must be returned to the school by tomorrow morning. Mrs Ferguson will accompany the children.

Hopscotch Theatre – Rights of The Child

What a great way to start the holiday weekend. The whole school participated in the Hopscotch Theatre production – learning about children’s rights and responsibilities.