School Information

All our pupils have settled in well and we are looking forward to a successful 1st term.

P.E. days – please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them. Pupils can leave their P.E. kit in school in a P.E. bag. P.E. kit should consist of shorts and gym shoes. Due to Health and Safety Regulations children are not allowed to wear any jewellery during P.E. sessions. If your child cannot remove their earrings by themselves, please remove the earrings before they come to school in the morning.

P.E. days

P1/2 Monday and Thursday

P2/3 Wednesday and Friday

P3/4/5 Monday and Thursday

P5/6 Tuesday and Wednesday

P6/7 Tuesday and Wednesday

Wet mornings/cold weather arrangements.

While we are loving the sunshine at the moment, we are aware that weather can change quickly. On very wet or cold mornings the infant doors and main doors will open at 8.50 a.m. and all pupils will come into the main hall where they will be supervised.

Thank you for continued support.

Mrs Govans

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