Den Building Day – 20 June 2017


REMINDER – it’s Den Building Day tomorrow

(Please also remember sun cream)

Please click on the link below for further information:

Letter-to-parents 2017

As some parents have difficulties opening this link we have pasted the letter below.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Tuesday 20th June we would like to invite you to come into school and help the whole school take part in Den Building Day for Save the Children’s Den Day. It’s a fun way for your child to raise funds that will change children’s lives, while they learn new skills and important lessons about the world around them.

Our pupils will be joining children from around the UK to unleash their imaginations and transforming their playground into amazing dens. We’re asking children to bring in a suggested donation of £1 to take part. The money they raise will help Save the Children make life better for children around the world who don’t have a safe place to sleep at night.

The children have decided that they would like you to take part too and come along on the day to help us design and build our dens. It will take place on Tuesday 20th June at 1045am-12.30pm, followed by a picnic lunch in our dens.

How to help your den-builders

On the day, we are asking each child taking part to bring in an item from home to help build dens as well as their suggested £1 donation. It could be a cardboard box, a blanket, some clothes pegs, string, material, or any other item from around the house.

Den Day will be an amazing adventure for the children – and as well as having lots of educational fun they will be making a big difference to children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We would really appreciate your help to raise money for this great cause and make Den Day a lesson your children will always remember!

With thanks and best wishes,

Mrs Ferguson and Primary 3/4

Jenny and the Bear Competition

Primary 1 took part in the Jenny and the Bear project where they were learning about the dangers of smoking. One of the activities was to come up with a name for Jenny’s bear.

We came up with lots of different names for the bear & then voted for our favourite. We chose Benny as it rhymed with Jenny. We were very lucky to be chosen as one of the competition winners. Last week we received a visit from the bear and we were given our very own bear to keep.

P3/4 + Heritage Group – visit Catrine Community Hub

P3/4 + the Heritage Group will visit Catrine Community Hub on Wednesday 21 June. Mrs Ferguson will supervise the children. If your child is taking part, please complete:

Spring into Summer

The nurture group have been out and about in the village looking at changes in the environment with a supposed change of season. We took some photographs to compare with our last Spring walk and saw some big changes. Pity about the weather!


Primary Class Structure

As we approach the summer holidays I thought it important to give you a staff update.

On Monday interviews are taking place for Catrine’s new Head teacher.  Children and parents are part of the interview process and pupil representatives have already thought of really good questions for the candidates.

This evening (Friday)  I have spoken with Human Resources however I have not had confirmation on all staff members for next session.  As a result you will see some classes still need to have a teacher allocated.

We have worked as a team to allocate children to classes ensuring we follow East Ayrshire procedures which you will find on our blog.  Earlier in the session I held a  parent workshop on composite classes and we received positive feedback.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries.

Today we welcomed Miss Mclean our new probationary teacher to Catrine Primary.  Children gave her a tour of the school and she met with all the children in P1 and P2 as we know that Miss Mclean will be teaching P2/3.

I would like to remind parents that people’s personal circumstances do change and if this impacts our classes I will inform parents.

P1/2 – Miss Burleigh

P2/3 – Miss Mclean / Mrs Campbell

P3/4/5 – Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Cook

P5/6 –Mrs McKenna  (currently on maternity leave)/ Teacher covering Mrs McKenna’s maternity leave to be confirmed

P6/7 – Teacher to be confirmed

Early next week, it is our intention to give children their letter telling them which class they will be in.

Ivor Goodsite Building Site Safety Presentation by Keepmoat

Today we had Louise and Stephen from Keepmoat visit our school to give us information about safety around building sites. We were shown a video about the dangers children face if they enter a building site. Ivor’s advice is to “stay out of scaffolding /building sites”.

by Haily Primary 6/7

Activities for P7



EVERY FRIDAY – MIDNIGHT LEAGUE FOOTBALL – 2000 TILL 2200 HOURS (however if not into football, please come along and have some fun with staff, free Wifi is available. We can play field games like rounders etc, totally your choice in what we do)





From PC Lynsey Arthur, Vibrant Communities, Cumnock Juniors

East Ayrshire Netball Festival

The netball team are taking part in the above festival on Thursday 15 June at Cumnock Academy. The children will leave the school at 9.15 a.m. and return by 1.30 p.m. If you child is taking part, please complete:



We have been focusing on measure over the past few weeks.  We concentrated on length and weight but this week we are looking at capacity.  The children were exploring non-standard units of measure to guide conversations around measuring water in containers.  The children were encouraged to discuss the features of each container.

We are also focusing on addition and subtraction as well as counting in 5s, 3s and 4s.  The children have been using Active Learn to practise all of these skills.


Literacy Focus


Monday 12th June 2017

This week primary 2/3 are focusing on adjectives.  We are using this skill to enhance our writing by adding interesting vocabulary.  We have used substitution to up level these sentences in groups.  Some of the metaphors used and vocabulary is fantastic! Well done P2/3.


Wider Achievement


Monday 12th June 2017

Massive congratulations to Robbie and Declan in P2/3 who won a magnificent football trophy over the weekend.  They both play for Cumnock and received the trophy for taking part in 5 games of football.  Well Done Boys!


Primary 5/6 visit – Catrine Community Hub

Primary 5/6 will visit Catrine Community Hub on Wednesday 14 June. The Children will leave the school at 9.10 a.m. and return by lunch time. Mrs Cowan will supervise the children. Please complete:

Flat Stanley Book Study

Primary 3/4 have been reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  In one of the chapters Flat Stanley turns himself into a kite for his brother Arthur. This inspired us to create kites of our own. We used ICT to research how to make kites and discussed materials we thought would be good to use.  We then worked in groups or individually to make our kites.

This afternoon the weather was perfect for flying kites so we went outside to test them out. We were surprised that the kites made from sugar paper flew better than those made from crepe paper or tissue paper.  We discovered the shorter you made the string the better our kites flew.

Afterwards we evaluated our lessons using The Excellent Lesson. We decided it covered lots of points including thinking creatively, investigating and solving problems, using different resources including ICT, learning outdoors, linking with other subjects and many more.

Get Set Pet bottles

The Enterprise committee are trying to be pro-active when it comes to what we can do to keep our village clean and tidy. We were joined at our meeting this week by 2 workers from the Civic Centre to discuss how we can work together to make improvements. They told us all about what they had been doing to tackle issues and wanted to work in partnership with us. We also made a prototype of our ‘Get Set for your Pet’ bottles (see below) which we are going to put in areas of the village we have surveyed as having the biggest amounts of dog waste. They are bottles containing a message and some bags to encourage people to clean up after their dogs.

We would encourage anyone who sees or uses our bottles, to try and refill them every now and then. There are dog waste bags available from the Civic Centre. Thank you very much for your support.



P1 Induction

The boys and girls from the ECC have been developing their confidence within the school. They visited yesterday for their P1 Induction day & had fun exploring the school. They got to trial a school dinner for the first time with their parents.

Active Maths


Thursday 8th June 2017

Primary 2/3 have been investigating weight.  We used balancing scales to estimate and measure ‘what weighs the same as an apple?’  The children had to use crayons, dominoes, cubes and paint brushes to balance the scales equally.  The children have been increasing their vocabulary and were able to discuss what is heavier, lighter, equal and balanced.  They also were able to identify that our answers were not the same becuase the apples have diffreent qualities and some are heavier than others.  Well done primary 2/3!


Heads of Ayr Farm Park


Tuesday 6th June 2017

Primary 1-6 visited the Farm Park yesterday and we had a wonderful day despite the weather!  Here are some pictures from our day.  We had great fun in the Play Barn on the high slides (including some of the teachers) and we enjoyed visiting the animals.  What an excellent day out!