School Dress Code

Catrine Parent Council have been discussing the school dress code.  At the meeting it was agreed to promote all children wearing our school uniform.

Here is some guidance regarding school uniform :

  • Light blue polo shirt (preferably with school badge if not wearing a school sweat shirt)
  • Maroon school sweat shirt/cardigan
  • White shirt and school tie
  • Maroon/grey/black jumpers or cardigans
  • Black/grey skirt/pinafore
  • Black/grey trousers/shorts
  • Light blue checked summer dress
  • School shoes (we agreed that black trainer shoes are acceptable however trainers in other colours are only suitable for gym)

Parents agreed that the best time to promote this would be at the beginning of a school session so as parents did not feel they needed to go out straight away to purchase anything new.  The parent council would like any comments below.


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