Primary Class Structure

As we approach the summer holidays I thought it important to give you a staff update.

On Monday interviews are taking place for Catrine’s new Head teacher.  Children and parents are part of the interview process and pupil representatives have already thought of really good questions for the candidates.

This evening (Friday)  I have spoken with Human Resources however I have not had confirmation on all staff members for next session.  As a result you will see some classes still need to have a teacher allocated.

We have worked as a team to allocate children to classes ensuring we follow East Ayrshire procedures which you will find on our blog.  Earlier in the session I held a  parent workshop on composite classes and we received positive feedback.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries.

Today we welcomed Miss Mclean our new probationary teacher to Catrine Primary.  Children gave her a tour of the school and she met with all the children in P1 and P2 as we know that Miss Mclean will be teaching P2/3.

I would like to remind parents that people’s personal circumstances do change and if this impacts our classes I will inform parents.

P1/2 – Miss Burleigh

P2/3 – Miss Mclean / Mrs Campbell

P3/4/5 – Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Cook

P5/6 –Mrs McKenna  (currently on maternity leave)/ Teacher covering Mrs McKenna’s maternity leave to be confirmed

P6/7 – Teacher to be confirmed

Early next week, it is our intention to give children their letter telling them which class they will be in.

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