We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mrs Wright for always being there for us.

She has created our own Catrine Blog and has taken the time to tell everyone in the school how to work it, which took AGES!!

We could be here all day listing all the things Mrs Wright has done for us, we are ever so grateful.

Thanks again, and we wish you the best of luck.

From all of us here at Catrine Primary School. x

School Dress Code

Catrine Parent Council have been discussing the school dress code.  At the meeting it was agreed to promote all children wearing our school uniform.

Here is some guidance regarding school uniform :

  • Light blue polo shirt (preferably with school badge if not wearing a school sweat shirt)
  • Maroon school sweat shirt/cardigan
  • White shirt and school tie
  • Maroon/grey/black jumpers or cardigans
  • Black/grey skirt/pinafore
  • Black/grey trousers/shorts
  • Light blue checked summer dress
  • School shoes (we agreed that black trainer shoes are acceptable however trainers in other colours are only suitable for gym)

Parents agreed that the best time to promote this would be at the beginning of a school session so as parents did not feel they needed to go out straight away to purchase anything new.  The parent council would like any comments below.


P7 Leavers Assembly

Primary 7 have been working hard to practise their leavers songs in class over the past week. All pupils are looking forward to performing them at their leavers assembly, which will follow our prize giving service tomorrow at 10am.

It’s shaping up to be a great (and emotional) performance!

Hope to see you there 🙂

Have a Big Talk Summer

In the ECC, Primary 1 and Primary 2 we are continuing to work on the development of our talking and listening skills using Word Aware and Big Talk. We have prepared a small pack of homework for the Summer holidays related to things you may be doing or discussing at home. We ask that you discuss and take a few short notes on the words and topics we have provided at some point during the Summer holiday just to keep up the good work you have been doing throughout the session. We are beginning to see the impact this has had and are continuing to work with Speech and Language Therapy in order to measure this formally.

We would like you to discuss the following broad general topics during the holiday in addition to the sheets provided:

  1. Talk about the season of Summer
  2. Talk about Nature in Summer.

Miss Burleigh and Mrs Campbell

Staffing at Catrine

We can now confirm teaching staff at Catrine Primary for next session.

P1/2 – Miss Burleigh

P2/3 – Miss Mclean / Mrs Campbell

P3/4/5 – Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Cook

P5/6 –Miss Donnelly  (covering Miss McKenna’s maternity leave)

P6/7 – Mrs Cowan

We would like to wish Miss Whitelaw every success as she moves on from Catrine Primary.

New Head teacher appointed

Earlier in the week our new Head teacher was appointed.  Judith Govans is Depute Head teacher at Hurlford Primary however this session she has been working in the Auchinleck community supporting Drongan Primary.  Mrs Govans attended Catrine primary as a pupil and is passionate about continuing our improvement journey.  We would all like to congratulate her in her new role and look forward to her starting in the new session.

P3/4’s Community Garden Visit

This morning P3/4 visited the Community Garden and we were lucky enough to taste some of the produce they have grew.  We started our morning with a sensory walk around the garden.  Then we had great fun testing out our taste buds by having a blind food challenge.  The children were so adventurous and tried lots of new and exciting foods.

Heritage Tea Party

This afternoon our Heritage Committee spent a lovely afternoon finding out about how life in Catrine has changed.  The children asked lots of interesting questions about school life, houses, shops and even outside toilets! We enjoyed delicious baking, teas and juice while chatting together.  Thank you to Heather and all the staff at the Cevic Centre for being fabulous hosts. And a special thanks to all our guests, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The Heritage Committee

Parent Council – information

Catrine Primary Summer Fun

Wed 21st June

Lots of free games, meet some of Catrine Amateurs football players!

Soak the teacher £1 for 5 sponges

Hotdogs (£1) and tuck shop available

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Adults £1, children free pay at gate

Den Building Day

Wow, what a fantastic day! The whole school took part in Save the Children’s Den Building Day to raise money for the charity.  The children, and adults, had great fun creating imaginative dens using lots of different materials.  We couldn’t have wished for better weather too! We finished our activities by having a picnic lunch in our newly built shelters.  Thank you to everyone who came along and helped us make it a day to remember!

Mrs Ferguson and P3/4

Literacy -Champion

We have managed to purchase a set of 6 Cobuild Dictionaries for use in our classes with the money raised from our Easter Extravaganza. These are an essential part of our Word Aware Programme. Mrs Campbell (Literacy Champion) would like to thank you for your support, which has enabled the school to purchase this resource. The Authority have also provided us with another Primary and Early Years teacher’s book for use throughout the school.