Digital Learning Week

National Digital Learning Week 2017 focuses on celebrating how digital technology can make a positive difference to learning and teaching.

At Catrine Primary we all have been using Glow to make a #DigitalDifference.

GLOW is Scotland’s national intranet for schools.

As many of you will know, CatrinePrimary and ECC are implementing  GLOW e-portfolios  as part of our improvement plan.   Children call these their own blog.

This work is focusing on

  • recognising children’s achievement (both in and out of school)
  • children reflecting on their own learning and achievements
  • sharing more information about the children’s learning and achievements between home and school

The Glow blogs children are creating meets these aims. Some of you have been involved already, logging in to your child’s glow account at parents’ night or during our open afternoon.

The idea going forward is that the children post information on their blog about their learning and achievements. Time will be allocated  to do this in school. The children can also blog at home about anything they consider to be an achievement. They are asked to identify particular skills used in each activity and set themselves some next steps or targets relating to their skill development.  Every child in school has their own blog and our P6 buddies are already getting us started in the nursery.

I encourage you to look at your child’s blog with them, to keep you updated to what they are proud of and achieving in school. It would be great if you could comment on the blog posts now and again, just a sentence or two recognising their achievement or pointing out occasions when you have seen them use a skill they are working on out of school.

Over the next few weeks if you can help your child add photos and information about any awards etc from things they do such as

  • Sporting awards
  • Brownies / Guides, /Anchor Boys / Boys Brigade, Cubs /Scouts
  • Medals from shows
  • Music certificates and gradings
  • Membership of clubs

For anyone reading this that is not familiar with the idea of blogging – don’t be scared! The children will proudly show them to you and show you how it all works. You will need your child’s glow login details as the blogs are only able to be viewed by those with a glow password that the private blog has been shared with. This means it is safe for the children to put photos and appropriate personal details on their blog.

There will be various opportunities to support parents with their child’s blog. On Friday of this week please feel free to drop in to the ICT suite when dropping off or picking up your child from school.  You will have a chance to look at our blogs and ask any questions.


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