Play Room – Cafe

In the play room the café has had lots of customers so the children wrote the specials on the board and put up some signs. The customers have been using different coins and notes to pay for their food. The waiters have been writing down orders and operating the till in our busy café.

Sensory Room – Patterns and Matching

In the sensory room the children have been exploring pattern. They found different patterns around the room and even on their shoes. They used paint and play-dough to create their own patterns using different objects.

There has also been lots of sorting and matching in the sensory room, it started with the children helping to wash all the water toys and then sort and match them. The matching continued and some of the children found and matched letters to make words and some of the children were matching numbers.

Numeracy – Size and Measuring

The children have been measuring and comparing sizes outside. They built towers of different heights and compared them with their own heights. They also compared the distances the cars were rolling, how far they could throw and the sizes of their hands.

Catrine Primary School – Fund

The school is looking for parent representation for the school fund. The committee will meet approximately 4 times per year. The committee discusses all income and expenditure of the fund which will be shared with all parents. If you are interested in becoming an active participant, please call the school office on 01290 551436 for more information or to put your name forward.

Thank you.

Reading Comprehension

We have been working on our reading skills in the Rainbow Room. Reading strategies such as using the picture for clues and sounding out helped us to answer  some comprehension questions about our book. We also used the question and the text to help us form our answers. We all got stickers for doing so well and answering in sentences. We will continue to work on this very important skill.

ECC pre-school P.E. Activity Morning


As part of sports week the Pre-school children will be visiting the school on Tuesday morning for some P.E. activities hosted by the P6 pupils.

The pre-school children should come to the ECC as usual and we will walk up to the school during the morning.

P7 STEM Transition Day

Our P7 pupils had a great day taking part in various STEM activities during a transition day at Dumfries House on Friday. The children enjoyed the event and were keen to share their experiences when returning to school. All pupils received a certificate for attending the event.

Catrine Sports Week

Catrine’s sports week is almost here!

It will take place next week, from Tuesday 30th May- Friday 2nd June. The purpose of this week is to promote the importance of physical activity, give children the opportunity to try new sports and to inspire them to take part in sporting activities. The week will include talks from professional sports people and workshops in different sports.

As they will be participating in various activities each day, children are encouraged to come to school dressed in sports wear in order to save time. It would be appreciated if children could still wear their school polo shirt, along with trainers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms.

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope to see you at our sports afternoon on 2nd June, which I’m sure will be an exciting end to a great week!

Miss Donnelly


Today Kieran  McMaster came in to teach us boxing . Our warm  up was to skip fast. Then he told us the 4 rules. They were – one foot in front of the other, punch diagonally to the pads, don’t bang the pads together and have fun. Eryn and me were together we were doing very well. At the end he told us he was teaching us straight punching. At the end I felt tired. I was so puffed out. He made us work really really hard. We were switching the pads and the gloves. It wasn’t just the person with the gloves that had to work hard it’s the person with the pads too.

by Aimee and Eryn


P2/3 Community Hub Visit


Thursday 25th May 2017

Yesterday, primary 2/3 visited the community garden an took part in a sensory walk and a minibeasts hunt.  The children identified flowers, plants and herbs and even got to taste some.  We then went on a hunt for minibeasts looking in lots of dark places as well as the bug hotel.  The children has a fantastic morning and we all took a piece of the  Lambs Ear Plant back to school with us.


YIPWorld After School Youth Group

Staff members from YIP World in Cumnock will be running an after school youth group for pupils in Primary 6 and Primary 7.  The club will start on Wednesday 31st May and will run every Wednesday for 4 weeks from 3pm-4pm.  If your child has expressed an interest in attending this club they have been issued with a YIPWorld membership form and should return it to Mrs Schendel at the school.  If any other child in P6 or P7 wishes a form they are available from Mrs Schendel.

Internet Safety

Information on “internet safety” has been updated. You will find this information by looking under the “Information” heading “Policies”. If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.