Collaborative Learning

Primary 1, 2/3 and some Primary 6/7 pupils worked together to create some Valentines Day love hearts.  We partnered up with someone from a different class to create patterned hearts and the children were able to share their skills to assist each other.  We worked as a team to create one heart with 2 beautiful sides. Well done everyone!

Active Maths

Primary3/4 have been enjoying active maths activities online, using our Heinemann Active Maths programme. All children have been given logins, which are in their Reading Record jotter, so they can continue to enjoy playing these at home.

P3/4’s Active Literacy

This morning Primary 3/4 were learning all about sentence structure. They worked in trios to build sentences, recorded them and shared their work with the class. They had to make sure their sentences made sense, had capital letters and used the correct punctuation.

Our Visit

Today at assembly, we got a visit from a man named “Kieran.” He came to our school a couple of months ago for a questionnaire about what we like and dislike about Catrine, and what we could do to improve Catrine. He came back in today to tell us that all of our ideas where going to be put into a real vote for everyone that lives in Catrine, to decide what we think is important that we do. The pupil council had to talk about the ideas he had, and to explain them. We had things such as:

  • The environment ,
  • Houses, and how easy it is to buy one,
  • More jobs you can apply to.

And so much more! There is going to be a vote on Saturday 18th February in the square. If you go along you will get 7 stickers to stick onto a piece of paper, (1 for each sheet, and 1 spare,) different sheets, have different themes. The theme with the most stickers on it, will be done.

There will be entertainment from Catrine Primary School, (poems, songs, and dancing.)

Hope you can make it!

By Martha.

Childsmile – Good News

We had a visit today from Mrs Gray with some great news about our P1 and P7’s oral hygiene.

P7 are showing well above average for teeth with no decay – with 91% of our children with no obvious decay.

P1 are spot on for the average within Ayrshire – with 66% of children showing no obvious tooth decay. This is a big increase on last year – well done P1!

Ayrshire are currently 3rd highest in Scotland for oral health.

Keep up the healthy snacks and remember Fruity Friday!  Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Let’s hope we continue to see an increase next year!

Primary 2/3 Football

Primary 2/3 had fun yesterday playing football with Tesco Bank Football.  They were very competitive and had a great laugh.  The children are looking forward to their next few sessions!

Active Literacy

Primary 2/3 have been consolidating ‘ay’ sounds this week in literacy and have been testing out some new games: ‘Race to the Board’ and ‘Rainbow Alphabets’ to practise word recognition and spelling.  Here are some action shots of the children enjoying their active literacy session.