World Book Day – 2 March 2017


All children are invited to dress as their favourite book character for our World Book Day competition. This will take place at 9.30 a.m. on Thursday 2 March. Winners will be published at a later date.

Scottish Wildlife Talk

Mrs Ferguson’s sister, Lesley, came and talked to us about Scottish wildlife and showed us her photos.  My favourite animal was the adders.  They bite mice and put poison in them and they die.  Then they eat them.  Adders are different colours. – By Evie

Lesley came in and talked to us about lots of different Scottish animals.  My favourite was the adder.  It was fun! – By Sophie D

Lesley came to show us about Scottish animals.  My favourite was the adder.  It is very cool.  I learned a lot. – By Tommy

Red squirrels can get killed by grey squirrels – By Calvin

Mrs Ferguson’s sister, Lesley, came in and talked to us about Scottish Wildlife.  She was talking about adders, hares and squirrels.  Male adders are a different colour from a female adder – By Sophie M

Lesley came to visit and told us all about Scottish wildlife.  My favourite one was the mountain hares.  I learned that they turn white when it snows. – Aimee


Designer Brooms

Our parents came in to help us create the brooms we planned. We had great fun and made some “truly magnificent” brooms. Look out for them on display in school.


Mrs Anderson and I would like to thank all parents and grandparents for their hard work yesterday and have promised them some tea and cakes the next time they visit!

P5/6 – World Book Day – “Reading” at Early Childhood Centre

If your child is taking part, please complete:

P6/7 – World Book Day – “Reading” at Early Childhood Centre

If your child is taking part, please complete:

P7 Rotary Quiz

Some of our P7 pupils competed in the Cumnock Rotary Quiz at Netherthird Community Centre tonight. They represented the school well and worked together to answer questions from a range of different subjects including general knowledge, geography, history, sport, books, TV/film and Scotland. A big well done to all children involved, and thank you to the parents who came along to support the children too!img_3073

Big Writing


Thursday 23rd February 2017

Primary 2/3 have enjoyed our activities for Big Writing this morning.  We were planning our story based on our class book for the week ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ whereby we wrote imaginative stories about our own great escape.  The focus was to include 5 good features of writing as well as using our keyword ‘escape.’  The children enjoyed creating their stories and have done a fantastic job in meeting the success criteria. Well Done!


Catrine Early Childhood Registration

Nursery Registration Dates


Catrine Early Childhood Centre 

Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd March

Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th March

9.00am – 11.00am

1.30pm – 3.00pm

Please report to the nursery office with your child’s birth certificate 

(No need for Returners to Enrol)

Learning P2/3


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

As well as learning all about Tennis, primary 2/3 have had some inputs from Tesco Bank Football during our P.E lessons. The children are always keen to take part in football, here are some of the photos the children took during our lesson today.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

We have been using our structured activity wall to rotate around some of our active literacy games. The children have enjoyed activities such as: Stand Up Bingo, Bottle Lid Sorting, Squiggle Spelling and Jigsaw Letters, paint and writing frames. Here are some pictures from todays active lesson as well as some from before our holiday.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Today we have been learning all about Place Value and we have been using Heinemann Active Maths to enhance our learning. Her are some pictures of the children participating in activities to help them learn all about tens and units and the importance of zero. We are hoping to move onto hundreds tens and units next week. Some of the activities we have enjoyed were: Bingo, Place Value Throw and ipads.


The 5 Minute Box

To help improve Literacy we have many pupils working on sounds and spelling using a resource called ‘The 5 Minute Box’. This consists of a variety of focussed literacy activities that pupils complete for a short period every day in order to revise and reinforce sounds, letter names and spelling patterns. A record is kept for each child and this helps us to gauge the impact it is having, which I am pleased to say is proving so far so good!



From This …………………………………………………….. To This

After a large clear out one of our pupils decided: “Don’t throw this out, I have a good idea!” and so we introduce: The Declan Wheel (named after the P2/3 designer.)  Instead of boring unused spinners, Declan has created sounds spinners and we have invented a new literacy game for the children to play.  What a wonderful idea, well done!