Festive Outing – Odeon Cinema, Kilmarnock

The whole school will be visiting the Odeon Cinema in Kilmarnock on Thursday 8 December to view “Finding Dory” – 10.00 a.m. performance. The cost of the film will be paid from school fund. Parents will be notified as soon as possible the cost of the transport.

Pudsey Bear

Pudsey Visit
Pudsey Visit
Pudsey Visit
Pudsey Visit

We got to meet Pudsey Bear and helped to raise a lot of money for Children in Need. We appreciated the P7 children sharing their learning and visiting us to present their PowerPoint, we learned lots of new things about Childen in Need. Thank you!


Boo! Primary 2/3 enjoyed their spooky Halloween Party and were all very well dressed for the occasion. Thank you for all your help getting them ready for a spooky afternoon!

Active Literacy

Primary 2/3 would like to share our learning. We have been engaging with active literacy to learn our spelling words and to practice our sounds. We use play-do and lego to build our words and help us with letter formation, we also like to play SPLAT! I hope you like our pictures, we will update you with more recent literacy pictures soon.

Olympic gold medallist comes to Catrine

img_2131Yesterday in Catrine  an Olympic gold medallist came to give a lesson on judo for the whole school.  We learned how to pin someone down and how to wrestle.  She showed us her medal.


Auchinleck transition visit

img_2902Today we visited Catrine Primary School, a school we previously attended. We spoke to the Primary 7’s about their transition from Primary to Secondary and all of the things available for them when they come to Academy. We, ourselves, had a great day coming back to our old primary school and getting to speak to the pupils in P7 who are in the same position as we were 6 years ago. The pupils themselves were really respectful and this made our visit all the better.

Thank you for having us,

Chantelle Campbell, Hollie Govans and Jenna Gardiner



As a whole school we are working to improve writing.  Teachers have introduced ‘VCOP’.  Having met with parents who were unsure what ‘Big Writing’ and ‘VCOP’ is we thought this video would give an introduction.  We plan to have parent workshops but feel free to drop into school.  We will shortly be introducing talking homework.

Class Dojo points

Each class in Catrine Primary have been using Class Dojo points.  This video is an introduction for pupils but will give parents an insight to how it works.  Last year some parents used this app to find out how their child was getting on in school. Primary 1 would like to be the first class to share information with parents.

We do need  t0 meet with parents and ensure we all agree on a consistent approach to promote positive behaviour.  We would like to get pupil and parental feedback on how we use this technology.  As a school we will consult with you through the Parent Council.

Helping Hands

Can you help?

We are looking for families and the community of Catrine to give a helping hand.  Last week our chair of the Parent Council and Pupil Council came up with the idea that many people prefer the structure of practical tasks when coming into school.  Some ideas include…

  • Sorting resources
  • Making resources e.g. cutting out number lines
  • Sorting library books

If you can help please feel free to come into school at the following drop in times.

Wednesday 23rd November – 9am

Thursday 24th November – 2.30pm




Internet Safety

cyberPrimary 7 explored the Cyber Cafe to learn how to be safe on-line.

“You have to make sure that you do not show your full identity on any social media“.  Darren (P6)

If any message arrives with an attachment, always open the message first, to see if it mentions anything about the attatchment”.  Martha

“I used  Cyber Cafe to learn how to stay safe on the internet.  You need to be 13 to go on Facebook and Instagram”.  Alana

“If your friend is going to meet someone that they have been talking to online tell a responsible  adult to keep them safe.”  Calum