Eggciting times at The Brown Institute

We had a lovely visit to The Brown Institute, we made Quiche and some of us tried things we never knew we liked. We worked together to prepare our ingredients .





Some of us even want to try the new recipes at home, look out for the recipe in our school bags.

Dolphin House Day 4

We had a great last day at Dolphin House orienteering and toasting marshmallows on a beach fire. It was a great last lunch with pizza and ice-cream sundaes, we will really miss Jen’s cooking. We spent some time reflecting on our week and what we had achieved, and signed the Dolphin House guest book. It has been a fantastic experience!

World Book Day – Thursday 5th March

Primary 7 is asking pupils to contribute £1 (through ParentPay) to come to school on Thursday 5th March for a Dress Down Day with a TWIST! Children should come dressed down in casual clothes and bring with them their favourite book/prop from the book e.g., Harry Potter readers could bring in a wand, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory fans could bring in a golden ticket and Rainbow Fish readers could create a sparkly rainbow fish! The best “homemade” props will be awarded a prize. There will be 2 prize winners, who can choose a book from the Book Fayre.

Funds raised will go towards Primary 7’s leavers hoodies.

Primary 7 pupils will be providing some examples of “homemade” props to the whole school at Fun Time Friday and Monday’s assembly. We look forward to seeing some “really creative props” on Thursday.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

‘Snow’ Stopping Us!

P2 and P5/6 braved the wintery weather this morning to litter pick around the village.  After collecting the litter they weighed it all and were amazed to discover that they had collected 23.4kg of rubbish. That’s about the same weight as two 5-year-olds!

Thanks to Tam McKinnon for providing the litter pickers, bags and gloves and for keeping up safe whilst litter picking.


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No Problem!

Today in our maths we talked non-stop…….and it helped us to be better problem solvers!

We worked in trios to problem solve some picture puzzles.  We focussed on the why and how to help us identify the skills we need to break problems down.  We were amazed how much this helped us. Check out our workings. Our brains had to complete so many calculations.

Look out for some of these puzzles coming home to get your house chatting about maths and problem solving.

#talkingtofindasolution #talkmathsout

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Scholastic Book Fayre

Scholastic Book Fayre will be delivered to the school on Thursday 5 March. Pupils will be able to view the books on Friday 6 March. From Monday 9 – Wednesday 11 March parents/carers are welcome to come to school from 8.45 a.m. – 9.30 a.m. and 2.45 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. to choose a book along with their child(ren).

As Catrine P.S. is cashless all payments must go through ParentPay.  You will see a message in the “pay for other items” section (this will automatically show £60.00 – please don’t panic this is only a maximum amount and requires to be set). Once you have chosen a book(s) a member of staff will total your order, you will then go onto your ParentPay account and pay the total amount – this will then be confirmed with Mrs McDicken and you’re good to go.

We are the first school in East Ayrshire to organise a book fayre this way so please bear with us. We will have many laughs along the way.

Mrs McDicken will be on hand for any queries you may have.

We look forward to your continued support for our Book Fayre.


Dolphin House Day 3

We have had another amazing and fun filled day at Dolphin House! Today we were split into three group and took part in beach conservation, trail biking and cave exploration. Some of us were really brave as we faced new challenges and had to overcome our fears. We are looking forward to the disco tonight and orienteering tomorrow before we head home.

School Photographs

To help the school monitor the ordering of photographs can you please complete below:

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

P6 Euroquiz Challenge

P6 pupils – Lucy, Neve, Madison and Daryl – represented Catrine PS at the EAC Euroquiz Challenge, which was held at Whatriggs PS in Kilmarnock. The pupils answered a wide variety of questions over four rounds, and did very well. Although we didn’t win, the pupils participated confidently and enthusiastically, answering some very difficult questions.




Access to Car Park

Please note that due to EAC Health & Safety Guidelines there is no access to Catrine Primary School car park. For safety purposes, please ensure all entry and exiting from the school is through the school gates.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Dolphin House Day 2

Today we went hillwalking and climbed Cornish Hill in the Galloway Forest. There was some snow lying and we had great fun throwing snowballs at each other and enjoyed the views when we reached the top. After dinner we got our head torches on and went for a walk in the park where we had a great game of hide and seek.  We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!


Charge Challenge

P5/6 are hard at work designing and constructing their lorries for the SCDI Charge Challenge.  Their challenge is to build an electric lorry to transport as much cargo as possible across a 3m course in 10 minutes.

The class are working in groups to measure and saw wood to create a frame to support the axle and wheels.  They will then work on designing the body of their vehicle.

Our STEM Champion, George Burns, provided a safety demonstration before getting to work with the tools.

The winning vehicle from the class will go forward to the compete in the competition at the STEM Showcase at Dumfries House next month.

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Dolphin House Day 1

We have all had a great first day at Dolphin House despite the rain! This afternoon the pupils enjoyed working together in their teams to explore the country park.  Tonight we have hoisted our flag, went for a walk on the beach and are now getting ready to watch a film. We are looking forward to going hillwalking tomorrow!  Continue reading “Dolphin House Day 1”


Today group 2 enjoyed their morning in Primary 1. The ECC children particularly enjoyed visits from their siblings and buddies, as well as creating faces with the stones, designing their coat peg pictures, working together to complete jigsaws and GoNoodle.

Primary 1 children and the buddies were great role models and did a fantastic job of encouraging, supporting and including the children from the ECC.

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. phenomenal
  2. pharaoh
  3. philosopher
  4. frightening
  5. foundation
  6. magnificent
  7. frantically
  8. syllabification
  9. daffodil
  10. scruffy
  11. raffle
  12. difficult

Full Stops

  1. phoneme
  2. Phillip
  3. pharaoh
  4. festival
  5. faithful
  6. profile
  7. following
  8. fantastic
  9. fluff
  10. stuffed
  11. difficult
  12. raffle