Inclusion committee

On Wednesday, The inclusion Committee met for the first time. Our group talked about what inclusion means to us at Catrine primary and what we can do to make Catrine Primary a more inclusive school. We heard the story of a boy named Sam who has dyslexia and how this made school very hard for him. We decided that as a committee our aims are:

• To raise awareness of dyslexia and other learning difficulties

• To find ways to support and include all learners in our school

• To achieve our ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’ Silver award

We learned that children with learning differences often have low self esteem and thought of ways we could address this. Our committee then presented our “Feel Good Friday” idea to the rest of the school at home circles. Take a look at our example!


Christmas/Winter Jumper Day

The whole school is having a Christmas/Winter jumper day on Wednesday 11th December. Primary 6 will be “carol singing”  with the ECC in Catrine Square and it’s also our Festive lunch day.

Parent Council – Guess the Elf’s Birthday

Members of the Parent Council will come round classes next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to give pupils a final chance to Guess the Elf’s birthday.  Guesses cost 50p and money will be collected by Parent Council members.

The Elf’s birthday will be announced at our Christmas Service on Wednesday 18th December.

Christmas Fayre

Our Christmas Fayre last night was a great success. Our total profit raised was £762.50!! This was due to the continued support of parents/carers/family friends and the local community. Thank you!! Have a look ….

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Catrine Parent Council play a crucial part in our school life and are vital to school successes. They also raised £145.80 for their funds.

P5/6 Visit to the AM Institute

P5/6 have had an exciting morning at the institute.  We started by peeling potatoes and chopping leeks to make leek and potato soup.  While the soup was cooking we painted trees then we made chicken wraps.  Some people were trying these for the first time and we all agreed they were delicious!

Thanks again to Malky, Stacey and Nikki.


Thank you is enough

With Christmas fast approaching, we are all aware of the financial effects of the holiday season on the lives of families in our area.   Some families may feel under pressure to show their appreciation to staff in the school and ECC by buying gifts and presents.

Last year the BBC ran a feature about this with the simple message that thank you is enough. We want to share this message with you this year to reassure any parents/carers that are worried about affording a gift for a teacher/staff member in the run up to the Christmas break.

So, just a reminder that a thank you, a card, a handmade token of appreciation and the thought behind these small gestures, is more than enough for us.

Wishing you all the best this festive season,

Judith Govans

Modern Languages Committee Group

Yesterday was our first Modern Languages Committee Group session.

We discussed and agreed that the aims for our committee group are:

  • To develop an understanding of French vocabulary and culture.
  • To recognise similarities and differences between Scotland and France.
  • To share our learning at the Christmas and Easter services.

This session we were learning about Christmas traditions in France. We learned lots of French Christmas vocabulary, played some fun games and sang a French Christmas song. We had a great morning!


JRSO Committee Group

Today was the very first JRSO committee group meeting. When we started we learned what we do as Junior Road Safety Officers. We entered a website that shows us what a JRSO does. When it was time for activities we had 4 choices one was to make reflective people for the wall, another was learning how to use the app, another one was Creating a cover for our JRSO floor book, the last one was creating our noticeboard. This month the slogan for our JRSO group is ” be bright be alright”. The group decided on what we will try to be working on in our future meetings, not just in school but around Catrine too e.g safe parking and road safety! By Sophie and Kacee

Christmas Fayre reminder – Thursday 5th December

A reminder that our Christmas Fayre is on this Thursday evening.  Doors open at 6pm until 7.30pm.

There is a £1 entrance fee and this includes tea/coffee/biscuit and entry into our hamper raffle.  Please note Catrine Primary and ECC pupils and children under 5 are admitted free and must be accompanied by an adult.

It would be much appreciated if you were able to bring change with you on the night.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW)

Today we learned about DYW.  We spoke about all of the different jobs you can do. We also spoke about the qualities that you would need to get a job.  We worked in teams to create life-size characters that we wrote jobs, skills and qualities around.

We decided that this year we would like to have a DYW day, mock interviews for the P7s and Guess the Job game for the infants with real people about their jobs.

We are also going to write to parents/carers to invite them in to share information about their jobs with us.

We had a busy morning.

by Sophie & Tommy & the committee.

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Intergenerational Committee

  • Today we have been making posters and invitations to let people over 50 know that we are hosting a games morning.  (By Lexie P4)
  • We have been planning an Over 50 Games Day and organising when and where we are going to host it.  (By Eryn P7)
  • We discussed what makes us proud to live in Catrine (Aimee P7)
  • We decided that on our first meeting we would make the posters, on our second meeting we would deliver them, on our third we will get cakes and games organised and on our fourth we will have our Games Morning.  (By Lucy P6)
  • We made invitations for people over 50 to come and visit our school (By Kiara P2)
  • We were making posters and drawing pictures (By Harry P2)
  • We plan to have a Games Morning on Wednesday 25th March (By Demi P6)

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. A prefix is added at the front of a word and changes its meaning. We will be looking at words with the following prefixes: mis (meaning opposite), post (meaning after) and semi (meaning half). This week’s words are:

Blue Group

misplace, mislead, mishear, misbehave, misunderstanding, postseason, postgame, postpone, postscript, postgraduate, semidetached, semi-permanent, semiprecious, semicolon, semi-professional

Green Group

misuse, misspell, misread, mistake, misprint, postgame, postcard, post-war, postpone, postscript, semicircle, semi-final, semicolon, semiprecious, semidetached

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

December Questionnaire

School Value focus – Fairness

Every month in our Home Circles at Catrine Primary School, and in the Welcome Groups at Catrine ECC, we will be focussing on one of our Catrine Values to ensure that our pupils have a solid understanding of them.

Our Values are – Ambition, Determination, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

We would appreciate your views on what Fairness means to you and your family.

Responses will be collated and displayed around our school and ECC to show a shared understanding of our Catrine Values from all stakeholders – pupils, parents and staff.

Thank you.

Primary 4/5 Spelling Homework

Common and Tricky Words

  1. almost
  2. autumn
  3. winter
  4. spring
  5. summer
  6. happened
  7. beautiful
  8. frightened
  9. difficult
  10. Scotland
  11. England
  12. Ireland
  13. Wales

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use our activity sheet. There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

P5/6 Visit to AM Brown Institute

Primary 5/6 will be visiting the institute on Friday 6th December where they will be making soup.  If possible could you please provide your child with a suitable container to bring their soup home in.

Many thanks, Mrs Schendel


Today P5/6 had a visitor named Mrs. Harkins from RAD Ltd she showed us that all the work we do on graphs actually do help when in a job. We got to create graphs and charts on the computers. The first was how many people in the class including teachers. She showed us how to put this information into charts such as bar graphs and pie charts. The second was a shopping list, she showed us a way to get answers without adding up using formulas.  By Sophie and Hollie. Please take time and have a look at some of our charts:

Christmas Jumper Day

The whole school is taking part in Willowbank School’s visual Christmas card. Willowbank is an SEN school in Kilmarnock and some of their pupils use Makaton sign-language to communicate. Both Catrine P.S. and ECC are enjoying learning  the Makaton signs for several lines of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to be included in their Christmas message. We will be filming our lines on Thursday 5 December and aim to look the part by wearing our Christmas jumpers. Once Willowbank school have completed their visual Christmas card – we will share with you!