The Three Little Pigs

Today Primary 1 & Primary 2 worked together to create a new house for The Three Little Pigs. They had to make sure that they worked as a team, their house could stand up by itself and was strong enough not to be blown down by the Big Bad Wolf.

‘Oh Lila’

The children have started to read about Lila, a little Hare who learns about what happens when you break the rules or make a mistake.  It encourages the children to think about people they can trust and talk to, and how this is important.

EAC Parental Engagement Survey

In May 2019 every parent/carer in East Ayrshire was encouraged to complete an online survey about Parental Involvement and Engagement. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey on behalf of Catrine P.S., and we are delighted to share the results with you.

We have reviewed your responses – after the October holidays look out for details about Homework Drop-In Sessions, Literacy Open Mornings and Parent/Carer Information Sessions about “what your child is learning in school”.

Take a look:


Dress Down Day – Friday 11th October

To celebrate a successful first term and to start the October holidays off, Friday 11th October is to be a Dress Down Day at Catrine PS.

Pupils and staff can wear casual comfy clothes to school – no football colours please.

There is no charge as it’s not a fundraiser – just a way to kickstart the October holidays!

I hope you all have a lovely October break, and we look forward to welcoming our pupils back to school on Tuesday 22nd October at 9.00am.

Mrs Govans


Parents’ Day/Evening

Thanks to everyone who attended Parents Afternoon/Evening yesterday – it was lovely to meet with parents/carers and highlight the progress that our pupils are making in their new classes.  We always enjoy welcoming parents/carers into our school – we operate an Open Door Policy at all times to  discuss issues or concerns.

Please click on the click below to view report on Attendance rate for Parents Afternoon/Evening


Mrs Govans


Harvest Service

to all parents, carers, family and friends who came along to our Harvest Service this morning. All donations will go to Cumnock Food bank this year who have already thanked the school. A big thank you to Rev. S. Clipston for his words of wisdom.

Primary 3/4 Harvest Hush In

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“In Primary 3/4 everyone was doing the sponsored hush-in and we were colouring in or reading books.  We needed to be quiet for 45 minutes.” by Georgia.

“I think it was hard because you needed to be quiet and we did pictures.  They were fun” by Lee.

“We wanted to do it for an hour” by Alicia.

“I had fun when I was doing it.  I did my colouring sheet” by Elle.

“It was fun because we got to colour in.  But it was hard and a little fun because we done it for 45 minutes” by Ryan.

“I liked that we got to read our books and colour but it was too long” by Lexi.

“I thought that we had a good time because we got to colour and read books as well” by Josh L.

“I thought that it was very good because we could write notes to each other to say hi” by Orren.

“It was really hard because everyone was quiet but everyone did well” by Ewan.

Sponsored Silence/Harvest Hush In

So far the school has raised £113.50 for our sponsored silence/harvest hush in. Please ensure all contributions are paid through ParentPay by Friday 11 October.
Thank you for your continued support.

Catrine PS – WWI Research Excellence


Catrine PS were presented with a Certificate of Excellence for WWI Research by Deputy Lieutenant for East Ayrshire, Richard Vernon.  The P7 class, led by Mrs McKenna and assisted by Mr Garven, were involved in a wide variety of activities in the weeks leading up to the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI in November 2018. 

Headteacher Mrs Govans nominated them for this award in recognition of their hard work and commitment, which included: organising a litter pick around Catrine War Memorial in partnership with Catrine Community Council, researching the history of all the soldiers listed on Catrine War Memorial, creating a WWI Memorial Banner which was displayed in school and in Catrine Parish Church, making remembrance crosses bearing the names of Catrine’s fallen soldiers and planting them, along with poppy seed, in the grounds of Catrine PS.

They also prepared and presented a wonderfully moving Service of Remembrance, welcoming the wider Catrine community into the school to remember the soldiers of Catrine. 

Former P7 pupils, Lucy, Chloe and Bruce – all now in S1 at Auchinleck Academy – were presented with their Certificate of Excellence alongside Mrs McKenna and Mr Garven.



Wild Weather 🥶❄️

P2 have been learning lots about the weather. We continued our learning today by looking at places that have very cold temperatures like the Arctic. The children were very interested in Arctic animals and we learned lots about how they survive in the harsh weather.

Through our play we discovered that ice begins to melt when the temperature gets warmer and that it melts even quicker when we hold it in our warm hands. Have a look!

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Green Gym

Juliette Walsh, Senior Project Officer with East Ayrshire Schools’ Green Gym will be working with Primary 6 tomorrow. They will be making a wildflower border around the tyre area.

Please ensure your child comes to school tomorrow with outdoor clothes e.g., wellies, rain jacket etc.

This is an exciting activity to enhance the school’s outdoor space.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for spelling this week is the spelling rule ‘Q is always followed by U’ (making the sound ‘kw’ e.g. queen). All pupils should learn the core spelling words for their group and can, if they want, learn the challenge words.

Blue Group

quest, question, quality, quantity, request, require, earthquake, equator, squirrel, aquarium, mosquito, queue, quote, frequent, equivalent

Green Group

quick, equal, queen, quiz, quarter, question, square, squeeze, quad, quality, quantity, quilt, squash, squat, squirt

Challenge words

inquisitive, acquaintance, boutique, picturesque, tranquil

Please make sure that jotters are brought into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test. Reading homework is also due to be handed in on Friday.

Harvest Service

We will celebrate our Harvest Service on Wednesday 9 October at 9.30 a.m. within the school. We look forward to seeing you. Donations of tins/biscuits/dried foods etc. will be gratefully received and then donated to a local food bank.

Thank you for your continued support.

P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 4 – Spelling Rules

  • Q is always followed by U  – (making the sound ‘kw’ e.g. queen)
  • Soft C – (coming before ‘e, i, y’ e.g. face, fancy)
  • Soft G  – (coming before ‘e, i, y’ e.g. judge, ginger)


Blue Group -request, aquarium, earthquake, prince, December, chance, rampage, generosity, energy

Red Group -quick, quilt, quite, circus, centre, fancy, damage, gym, gigantic

Please make sure that jotters are brought to school on a Thursday for the spelling check-up.