Can my child bring their own sanitiser?

Yes. We know that the best way to stop the spread of the virus is hand washing with soap and water and all children will be required to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.  However, your child is more than welcome to bring their own hand gel to use in between times.  We ask that this is not high volume alcohol sanitiser. There will be sanitiser available for anyone who requires it.

Can my child bring their own tissues?

Yes. If possible we ask that all children bring their own tissues.  There will be tissues available in all classrooms but by bringing in their own this would help prevent lots of children accessing the same box.

Is school uniform required?

We would absolutely love it if all our children wore school uniform.  However, we appreciate that for many reasons this might not  be possible at the moment.  Please remember that we have lots and lots of uniform items available in school.  Unfortunately you cannot come into school and look, but if you let us know what sizes you need we can look for you.

Will my child require a pencil case and stationery?

No.  We will provide each child with an individual toolkit containing all the stationery they will need.  We will be minimising the use of shared equipment and items brought between home and school.

Can I return resources that I had  at home for home learning?

Yes. We ask that all novels, textbooks and concrete materials are returned.  These will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before being handled by staff or other pupils.  There will be a box in the front foyer and one in the lower and upper corridors.

Will my child require PE kit?

No. All physical activity will take place outdoors for the time being. No P.E. kit will be required at this time. We will continue to review this.   However,  we ask that children wear suitable shoes for going outside.  No open toes, heels etc…

Can my child bring a school bag?

We would prefer that schools bags were not brought to school.  In the case where pupils have school bags these will not be allowed on table, backs of chairs or pegs.  They will be stored under the child’s desk and on the floor at all times.

Can my child bring a packed lunch tub?

Yes. If possible we ask that packed lunches are brought in disposable bags.  However,  this does not sit well with our love for our environment nor is it cost effective. Where reusable tubs and boxes are used, these will be stored on the floor.

Can my child bring their water bottle?

Yes. Keeping hydrated is very important.  Again,  these will be stored on the floor beside your child.

My child is entitled to Free School Meal provision.  Will they get meals from 12th – 14th August?

Yes.  There will be collection point for you to collect a meal from the school on the days your child is not attending.  How to do this will be communicated to you after a meeting with our catering manager.

Can my child wear a face covering? 

Face coverings are not required.  However, if your child wishes to wear one they can.  We would ask that you discuss good hygiene about this in advance.   Discuss how to put on and remove safely, discuss where it will be stored if not being worn all day.  It cannot be left on any surfaces.  It would need to be in a pocket.  Under no circumstances can it be shared with another person.

What do I do if I need to speak with someone in school?

Please call the school, email or contact us privately through FB or Twitter.  We will get back to you.  We cannot allow parents and carers into school.  We also ask that you do not pass messages to the staff at school gates or try to talk to the class teachers in the playground.  Please keep in mind that staff are still on ‘holiday’ until the 11th.  If you contact us please be patient.  Someone will get back to you.   Staff have worked throughout the summer period to have things ready.

We know this is very difficult, especially when we want to create an open environment where families feel at ease, feel welcomed and feel valued.  This won’t be for ever.  Our priority at the moment is keeping our community safe.

My child has been in the shielding category

We have been issued with a list of all pupils who have been shielding up until 1st August.  We will be in contact with you directly to discuss the return to school.

My child has asthma do they need enhanced control measures? 

If your child has asthma and this well controlled through the use of preventative and reliever inhalers they will be covered by our asthma risk assessment.  A copy of this will be emailed to parents and carers where it is recorded that a child has diagnosed asthma.  If your child has required hospital treatment or medication above the preventative and reliever inhaler and was not in the shielding category please contact the school.  You need only contact the school if your child has had a hospital admission due to asthma in the last 12 months or required further emergency medication. 

What can I do to help?
•help your child understand good hand hygiene and physical distancing.  (adults will still have to remain 2m from each other and from pupils).

•follow the Scottish Government guidance and be a good role model for your child.

•speak positively about the school environment in front of your child.

•contact us directly if you have a concern.

•Avoid ‘fake news’ and the spreading of this.

I would like to read further Scottish Government Guidance on the opening of schools? 


I have another question. 


Letter to all Parents/Carers from the Head of Education

Please see below  the communication that was sent out across all school apps this morning by East Ayrshire Council.  You should also have received an email from the school that contains two attachments.  The first attachment is a letter for all parents and carers.  The second attachment details the attendance for your child during the ‘soft start’.  The soft start is vital in ensuring that we can welcome children back to school in smaller groups and discuss the changes to school.  For those joining us for the first time it is a chance to be introduced to our school in a relaxed and welcoming way.  We absolutely cannot wait to have your children back in school.  You will see from the letters both from myself and the Head of Education that there are many control measures in place to keep our school safe.  We ask that you support us in following the guidance in place both for in school and in the community.

We will have a  H & S site visit on Thursday morning – if there are any remaining control measures required these will be put in place before next week.

I will post some FAQs about the return to school tomorrow.  If you still have an unanswered question there will be space to submit this and I will respond to you.

Mrs Bradley

Continue reading Letter to all Parents/Carers from the Head of Education

Friday 26th June 2020

Who would have thought 14 weeks ago that when we closed our schools it really would be until the summer?  This term has been like no other.   It will forever be remembered.  Some of the times have been tough and some of the times have been uplifting. We continue to stand together as a community as we come through it all.

Session 2020/21 is going to begin in a much different way than we imagined too.   The past week has brought additional staffing to Kilmaurs.

Firstly, huge congratulations to Miss Sobanski and Miss Atkinson who were both successful at interview on Wednesday.

Miss Sobanski will be the Primary 2 teacher.  Miss Atkinson will teach P6 on a Monday and Tuesday, P2/3 on a Thursday and P5 on a Friday.   On Wednesdays we will be utilising Miss Atkinson’s skills in dance as part of our Expressive Arts curriculum.

We will also be joined by Mrs Cassidy and Mrs Smith.  Mrs Cassidy will teach Primary P2/3 and Mrs Smith will be in Primary 1.  Mrs Steel will continue to play an integral part in the P1 learning journey.

Mrs Watson will now provide support for learning on Mondays – Wednesdays.  This will allow us to target support for identified learners in order to raise attainment and in a response to COVID-19.

Mrs Brown will return from maternity leave in November and will also provide additional support.

Sadly, at this time of year we also have to say farewell to much valued, respected and loved colleagues.  It’s usually a case of ‘see you soon’ though.  We often find ourselves with staff on temporary contracts returning after a period of time.

Miss Corrigan is currently on maternity leave and was with us on a temporary basis.  Miss Corrigan is a permanent member of teaching staff with EAC.  We wish her well in whatever school she goes to next. And we know she HAS to keep in touch.  Living in such close proximity means there is no escaping us!  Miss Corrigan has brought so much to KPS, keeping up the spirits of both staff and pupils.  She is going to be sorely missed.

Miss Sloan has been with us as a temporary Classroom Assistant.  At the moment there is not another temporary position.  We would be delighted to have Miss Sloan back with us should another position arise.  Miss Sloan has provided support in our HUB through lockdown too and we owe her so much.  Another member of staff who will be missed by Staff and pupils.

Mrs Hay joined us on a temporary basis and has now commenced maternity leave.  We are delighted to announce that Mrs Hay and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world this week.  Congratulations, we wish her and her new family every happiness.

Miss Tsang joined us in August 2019 as an NQT. Miss Tsang has absolutely conquered the world of remote learning and teaching over the last 14 weeks.  Miss Tsang will be sadly missed.  Miss Tsang supported all classes across the school supporting learning about Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture and in our amazing Science Week.  We wish Miss Tsang every success in her next steps.

Thank you to our amazing Parent Council who have provided ongoing support this session.  Your contribution to our school is invaluable.

To all our families – THANK YOU!  Thank you for the words of support, your understanding and all the incredible cards, gifts and words of gratitude, particularly over the last 14 weeks.

To our children – you are absolutely amazing!  Keep being amazing!  We cannot wait to see you all again in August.    To those moving on, Ross, Natasha, Jayden and Lois – GOOD LUCK!  Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  We wish you all the best at your new schools.  And of course, our P7s of 2019/20!  We will most definitely be seeing you again.  When we are able to, we will celebrate 7 years worth of successes and achievements together.

And now to our staff; I cannot thank the amazing team at KPS enough.  They have been truly amazing.   I could list the reasons why they are best, but it would be an endless list and I can’t possibly remember it all.    It has been one great big team effort.  The support for the wellbeing of children, families and colleagues has been incredible.   They truly deserve a well earned, restful summer.

Despite how difficult these weeks have been, seeing the way our children have communicated with each other and staff, how they have challenged themselves, taking responsibility for their own learning and being empowered to take risks and deepen their understanding of the world around them is mind blowing.  The creativity and resilience developed are skills that will help our children to thrive when we return.

I wish you all a great summer.  I hope you get time to relax and just enjoy being together as families.  Hopefully more sunshine will be on it’s way.  Please continue to check the school App for updates.

Take care. Stay Safe.

With love to you and your families,

Mrs Bradley



Weekly Update – Friday 19th June

Friday 19th June 2020

Today felt like a bit of a milestone.  We know that waiting to find out about the return to school in August for your children has long been anticipated.   All families should have received an email detailing the model specific for their child.  (If we don’t hold an email address for you, this is in the post).

This information has thrown up a couple of questions for people that we have been asked today.

Can my child attend a childminder for the time they are not at school?  I have been advised that should parents choose to fund private childcare for the times children are not in school, this is parental choice.   This is not allowed where ECC placements and childminding were being used for the FUNDED blended model.

Can my child still use a transitional object from home?  Some of our children require to carry a specific object from home to school and back again as part of helping them feel secure.  This is still okay.  However,  where this is a family photo, we ask that you consider putting it into a key ring and attaching it to a jacket.  Where this is a hard object,  we ask that you clean it before leaving for school and again on return from school.  For soft objects, we ask that you speak with your child about not sharing it with others and having a safe place to keep it during the school day. A basket that can sit on a table or in a special bag, for example a cotton shopper that can be washed. (We know that the smell of a soft toy or blanket is important, please don’t wash these if it will have a negative impact for your child).

Can my child still use their glow team to keep in contact with their friends in the holidays? This will still be available.  However, we ask that you exercise caution here.  There will not be a staff presence on the teams so therefore this will not be monitored.   I would ask that you think of glow as a social media platform over the holiday period.  Whilst the team is secure and only available to the pupils within that class, sometimes our children need a helping hand when it comes to online communication and relationships.  It is hard to understand what someone really means and sometimes hard to use words properly.  Teachers have been on hand to support this – this will not be the case over the holiday period.

Can we still contact the school in the holidays?  The answer to this is yes. However, we cannot guarantee a response until August.  Should you need to contact us please email the main school inbox.   There  is a firm message to all staff that they spend this time with their own friends and families and seeing to their own well being needs.   I cannot even begin to tell you the stories of how our staff have worked tirelessly over the last 15 weeks.  This summer period is much needed.

If you have any other questions about the return to school in August please use the contact form below.  We will answer them as quickly as possible, however please remember our priority next week is supporting transitions and ensuring we are ready to welcome pupils back in August.

On that note, I have to thank the incredible team at Kilmaurs Primary School.  I am so proud to work with such incredible colleagues.  The school and classrooms look amazing.  I can’t express in words the phenomenal amount of work that has gone on within our building this last week.  Staff have gone above and beyond.  It is a true reflection of how much they care for and love your children. They want everything to be as perfect as it can be.   This includes all staff, our teachers, our CAs, our cleaning staff, our catering staff, clerical staff and of course our janitor, Mr McGill! What a week he has had! A huge team effort! Thank you so much to every single one of you!


Some of you may have noticed a slight change to staffing from what you expected.  This is because we are delighted to be welcoming a newly qualified teacher into KPS.  This news was rather unexpected and only confirmed on Thursday.  We will confirm who this person is as soon as we know – we are confident this will be Monday.

Our Vacancies – We are interviewing candidates on Wednesday for two full time positions and one part time position. These are class teacher posts.  We want our pupils to be included in this decision making.  All pupils have a link posted in the general chat space on Teams where they have the opportunity to submit a question for us to ask those who wish to work in our school.  This is for pupils.  Glow log ins will be required to use this.  There is also a link to the form in the previous blog.

We will make sure we post pictures of our new staff next week so that you know who they are. We will also be posting pictures of our school and classrooms so that our children know what it will look like in August.

School News

Thanks for those who continue to send us pictures of certificates received.  There are currently certificates in the post and these will be our last of the postal certificates.

Last week we included a link to some fundraising that Caitie and Lily are doing.  Not content with that, Caitie came to our keyworker hub looking rather different at the end of the week.  Caitie joins a whole group of others in our school who have donated their hair for charity and to support recovery for others.  Well done Caitie! They new style is lovely!

Ellie in P3/4 handed over a cheque for the money she raised selling rainbow ribbons.  Well done Ellie – I’m sure that £220 will be used wisely, again to support others.

Birthday Shout Outs

Happy  Birthday to

Kaedden, Duncan,  Abbie, Sonny and  Abigail


Uniform Exchange

As you know we are encouraging school uniform when we return although this is not required.  Our uniform exchange rail will be at the front of the school for you to take what you need.  Any donations for this can be brought along and added to the rail (if possible please bring hangers too). Please ensure items are clean and in a resuseable condition.  We ask that you remove any name tags.

Lost Property and Personal Belongings left in school.

These will be placed at the front of the school next week.  Boxes will be labelled with the current classes on them.  We will put P.E. bags and other items from the classrooms for collection.  Please ensure that you wash your hands before and after coming down and use hand sanitiser  before looking through the boxes. Lost property will be placed on a table.

We hope all our children enjoyed their virtual school outings this week.  I know that I loved  my visit to Chester Zoo.  I am looking forward to visiting some other places with my own children over the summer.

Many of you experienced problems this week as all users in P1 – P5 were asked to renew passwords for glow.  If you are still having access problems please use the form below and someone will contact you next week to assist with this.

Thank you to you, our parents and carers, the continued support and appreciation is the power behind the great things we are achieving at the moment.  Have a great weekend.

Mrs Bradley

Help Wanted

As many of you know we will have some new teachers in August. We have lots of people who want to come and work in Kilmaurs Primary School.  Some of these people will have an interview.  They will be able to tell us all about themselves and why they want to work in Kilmaurs.    We are looking for some help.

We want our pupils to be included in helping us choose the best people to work in our school.

We are giving you the chance to send in a question you would like us to ask.  We are also asking you to let us know of the things you would look for in an answer.

Thank you so much for helping with this.  We can’t wait to see your questions.

You can send your question using this link here.

Friday 12th June 2020

As we head into another weekend I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing families.  This week has been one of the most difficult since school closed.  We are well on our way to being ready to welcome your children back to school in either June or August and as you can imagine this has been a huge undertaking.  The words of support and encouragement from our families is what has kept us going.  It is very much appreciated. Thank You!

Over the course of next week staff will return on a phased and staggered basis to prepare for August.   There will continue to be home learning tasks set, however, we ask that you appreciate that teaching staff will also be in school at this time.  The online presence will not be what it has been over the last 12 weeks.   Staff have also been undertaking lots of remote professional learning over the course of the last few weeks and this continues over the next two weeks as we consider new ways of working for our blended model.

From the 22nd we will be having a very small number of pupils come into school for very short periods of time.  We have created a model that will allow for all new P1s and all current P7s to pay a visit.  In addition to this, we have sent out letters to individual pupils inviting them to visit.    For those that we are not able to have in before the summer – don’t worry, we will post photographs and virtual tours of the classroom spaces so that our children know what school will look like before they return in August.

I will meet with Parent Council Representatives on Monday and urge you to get in touch with your class reps if there is anything you would like raised.  We are keen to answer as many questions as possible so that you feel informed as we draw closer to the summer break.   We have been as open and honest through our weekly updates as we have been able to be.  We hope that the answers we provided in the FAQs last week were helpful too.

Our plans for August opening have been submitted to EAC.  These will be reviewed and we will be in a position to share with you the exact pattern of blended learning for your child next week.

You will know by now through our school app and council communication that the return date for East Ayrshire schools has been confirmed as Tuesday 11th August for staff and Wednesday 12th August for pupils.  This will apply only to those children who have Wednesday as part of their blended learning model.  The exact day of return for your child will be included in the communication about which days your child will attend school.

Earlier today we sent a link out on the school app from EAC.  This included a link to two surveys that are being undertaken about your experiences of home learning and about what will be helpful as we move forward.  If you have not yet completed the forms there are links to them here.

Parent/Carer survey

Pupil Survey

Glow Passwords – from next week your child will be asked to reset their glow password.  When we issued accounts in March, P1 – P5 were given generic passwords.  Click here for further guidance on choosing a password.

We did send out certificates this week.  Unfortunately we were later in getting them posted so we know that they will not have arrived yet. We will get another gallery up next week when they have arrived.  Remember to email your pictures to Mrs Bradley on Glow or send via the school FB/ Twitter pages.

This week we were delighted to hear of the efforts of Caitie and Lily in raising money for Bethesda Hospice in Stornaway.  The girls have raised a massive £2000+ already.  You can read more about their fundraising and how to make a donation here.   Well done girls! You are amazing!

This week saw our first ever virtual sports week.  Well done to everyone who took part.  A huge thank you to all our staff who sent in video clips of the events and an even bigger thank you to Mrs Steel for putting it all together.  I’m sure you’ll agree she did a great job!  Remember that you can still submit your scores to earn house points before Sunday.  Everyone was sent a link to a form in their Microsoft Team.   Mrs Steel will let us know the winning house and share your photos and videos with us all after the points are counted on Sunday.  We’ll leave you with just a few photos that were sent in at the end of this post.

We are glad to confirm that our vacant temporary teaching posts have been advertised.  We will be interviewing for these during the last week of term.  We will be able to tell you on Friday 26th June who the successful candidates are.  We appreciate that this is very late, unfortunately, due to the current circumstances this has been unavoidable.

Today also marks the last day with us for Mrs Hay.  Mrs Hay joined us to cover Miss Corrigan’s maternity leave.  Mrs Hay now commences her own maternity leave.  It has been a strange time to join a new staff but Mrs Hay has brought positivity and joy to our current situation and as been a dearly loved addition to our staff.  We wish Mrs Hay every happiness as she waits for the arrival of baby Hay in the very near future.  We can’t wait to hear the news!

And that just leaves us with our birthday shout outs for this week.

Happy Birthday to

Kaedden and Cameron

who both celebrate this week.

Please keep informed via the school app.  We will be posting the information of our blended learning model and how we will share this information with you next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bradley






Health and Well-Being

East Ayrshire Council have developed a dedicated Wellbeing Website at  https://www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk/SocialCareAndHealth/Wellbeing/Wellbeing.aspx which is filled with advice on mental wellbeing, exercise, healthy eating and new activities to try. It also has a range of supports for those who may be struggling. There is a dedicated section for Children, Young People, Parents and Carers which I hope you will find particularly helpful during these challenging times. We will continue to add to this section therefore it would be helpful if you could email any suggestions to healthandsafety@east-ayrshire.gov.uk together with any feedback on the current content.


Friday Update – 5th June 2020

Friday 5th June 2020

It is so hard to believe that another week has come to an end.

All families should have received a letter about staffing and classes for 2020/21.  These were sent by email. If we don’t have an email address for you, we sent it by post.

You will appreciate that our return to school in August is still filled with a degree of uncertainty, however,  we are very close to finalising a model of blended learning for August 2020.

Staff will return to school on the 15th June to begin the physical preparations.  This will continue through until the 19th June.  From Monday 22nd June we will welcome very small groups of children. Our new P1s will have a chance to visit, as will our current P7s and a small number of individual children from across the school.  We would love to have our P7s back as a year group to give them the send off we would want them to have.  Sadly, this cannot be, but we promised it in March and we promise it again – when we can, we will! You will have the biggest and best party!  Families will be contacted directly about the visits that will take place in the final week of term.  Hub provision will continue as it is until June 26th.

Information about the blended model will be with you as soon as it’s finalised.  We thank you for your patience with this.  Last week we asked for any questions to be sent in.  Thank you so much for them. Please read our FAQs guide. We hope you find this useful.

This morning a letter was issued from our Head of Education.  This was shared on our app.  We have included a link to the letter at the bottom of this update.   We have also included issue 5 of Scotland Learns.

This week our new P1s received their welcome to Kilmaurs Primary Transition packs.  The thought, effort and love that has been poured into these is astonishing.  Huge thanks to Mrs Steel and to staff in the hub who helped her prepare the bags – and of course Mrs Steel’s own family at home who have been living and breathing these packs for the last few weeks too!  We hope our new wee people love them!

Our new P1s weren’t the only ones to get a surprise gift this week.  A little birdie tells me that Primary 5 received something special too!  I won’t spoil it as I’m not sure they’ve all arrived.  Massive thanks to Mrs O’Neil for this – what a brilliant way to remind our children we’re still here, we still care for them and we still love them

Congratulations to our certificate winners last week.  We only had three photos sent in so rather than make a video we have included them here.

Remember if you want to have your certificate photo included in next week’s update you can email it to Mrs Bradley through Glow or send it privately to the school FB page or Twitter.   Thank you so much for the nomination from one of our parents this week.  Mrs Howat was absolutely thrilled when her certificate arrived in the post.

Our birthday shout outs this week are for

Josh, Zara, Keira and Jock!

Have a great birthday!

Thanks again to Mrs Mooney and the children who attend the hub for organising a stunning window display for Wednesday Windows. This Harry Potter themed one is definitely my favourite so far.

We have had lots of brilliant suggestions for names of our rooms and our bubbles of children for August. These will be collated and the P1 – P3 pupil council reps will get the chance to vote on them next week.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent in suggestions.   You can still send in ideas for playground games that don’t need any equipment and can be played while we maintain our 2m physical distance.

Next week would have been our P7s residential experience.  As we can’t take them away as planned, they will be virtually visiting Loch Down Lodge.  Thank you so much to the East Ayrshire Learning Outdoors Support Team for providing this experience.  Have a great time everyone!

Next week is also our virtual sports week.  Look out for all the information on Teams on Monday.  We can’t wait to see those house points rolling in!

We will leave you with a  fantastic and informative poster designed by Sophie B, P5.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Mrs Bradley

 Letter for Parents and Carers

Issue 5 – Scotland Learns Newsletter

Speak Out Stay Safe

You may remember that in February we sent you letters telling you about a visit from the NSPCC that we were due to have on 24th March.

NSPCC are holding an online assembly tomorrow about their ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ Campaign.  This will be hosted by a range of celebrities including Ant & Dec and David Walliams.

It is suitable for P4 -P7.  You can tune in on the NSPCC Facebook page, their YouTube channel or their website.

Opportunities for Learning Together by The National Parent Forum of Scotland

The National Parent Forum of Scotland are hosting a range of online learning opportunities.

These are designed to support parents with the strategies used in numeracy.

They will be hosted by Chris McKenna of ‘Count on Us’.

At our February Inservice day this year all staff completed training with Chris.

This is a great opportunity to find out about the ways we learn in numeracy.



East Ayrshire Council

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