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Bio Poem


Funny, Happy, Exciting

Daughter of Paul, Daughter of Marianne

Cartwheels, Cats, Dogs, Skipping

Sad, Amazed, Shocked

Spiders, Being alone, Wasps, High things

Who completed a mini triathlon

Would love to go to gymnastics




Bio Poem


Active, Funny, Exciting

Daughter of Jacqui, Daughter of John

Horses, Swimming, Dogs, Cats

Amazed, Sad, Shocked

Spiders, Wasps, Being left alone

Who achieved the biggiest competion in her life

To ride at Olympia and be a Vet

Balgreggan Mains


Information about us

Hi, this is Susannah, Jake and Sasha.

We come from Sandhead. Jake and Sasha are in primary 6 and I am in primary 7.

I live in the country side and Jake and Sasha live in Sandhead Village.

I am athletic and Jake likes golf plus Sasha likes doing gymnastics.

We go to a ECO friendly school.