Energy – Pylons

IMG_0004  For a topic we did energy and we made pylons which took us a short time, it was fun to do. While we were doing it we were wearing superhero costume’s for Pudsey day. Then we displayed them outside so people could have a look at them. Then the next 2 weeks we took them home.

Paper Pylon Project

IMG_0004Last year, for a topic on Energy, we made electricity pylons out of paper rods and glue. We were going to have a ‘wind resistance’ test where we were going to put the ‘pylons’ in front of  a fan and the ‘pylon’ that took the longest time to fall down  would have won, but we never got round to it.1 We were dressed in superhero costumes while we were doing it as it was a Pudsey charity event(SOS). They took a very long time but were worth it for the end result, which was very good.