Adam & Ian

Adam is in P7 and Ian is in p6 we like to build dens and play football Adam likes to go to farms and Ian likes to go to M&Ds. The den is like a big long pile of weeds in a square. Ian’s favourite food is chicken dinner and Adam’s favourite food is chips.

Chloe and Kasey

We are both in the biggest class primary 6/7 we really like to play outside in the nice sunny day light. Kasey likes to read books in her spare time and Chloe likes to sew and swim in her own time. At school we have lots of good friends to play with at break and lunch time. School is really fun because we have lots  of fun and stuff to play on like our great chin up bars and our adventure course. learning at school is very fun with all our great teaching and non teaching staff who are very kind to us and are always there for us.

Our Intro!

Hello! We’re in P6 and P7! One of us likes mainly reading in our spare time and the other likes watching videos and blowing things up(!!!) and going on Google, and we both like making comics, and playing with Lego.

One of us has a ton of chickens and a dog, while the other has 2 dogs and 2 cats(how they get along is a mystery!), 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, and NOT 2 fish, 1! And a hamster(again, NOT 2!).

We both enjoy this Blogging Bootcamp thing. One of us has done a blog, the other hasn’t.





Information about us

Hi, this is Susannah, Jake and Sasha.

We come from Sandhead. Jake and Sasha are in primary 6 and I am in primary 7.

I live in the country side and Jake and Sasha live in Sandhead Village.

I am athletic and Jake likes golf plus Sasha likes doing gymnastics.

We go to a ECO friendly school.


All About Me

My name is Lisa, Jessica and Kian. Kian Likes to be active and in his spare time he goes to a football team called Lochryan boys team. Hi my name is Jessica and I like to play badminton , in my spare time I like to go swimming. The swimming team I go to is called Stranraer Stingrays. Hi here it’s Lisa here and I go to the rainbow swimming scheme and I am in gold. We are all from Sandhead Primary School.