Netball Festival

  Netball Festival 2018   


Last night, two hard working teams from Elmvale attended the local Netball Festival. Both teams did very well and one of the teams managed to get into the semi-finals! Thank you to Mrs Wilson for training us so well and taking us along. 🙂


Shapes Outside

P4/5 have been learning about shape for their Maths topic. We went outside yesterday to get sticks and Mrs Carter asked us to make rockets, floating trucks and gigantic shapes to see how many shapes and angles we could make. The winning group managed to create 21 shapes! My group managed to create 44 angles! I learned how to create a range of shapes with only outdoor stuff.


P4/5 Science Circus

Today was really fun because Mr Alexander was showing us cool science experiments. He taught us about solids, liquids and gases as well as how gravity works. We also learned that if you put a bottle in water with no air, there is a chance it will sink. We learned that if you put a hole in the bottom of a bottle then put water in it and keep your finger on it then turn it down, the water won’t come out. Mrs Carters favourite experiment was when static electricity made rice krispies hover over  Karyssas hand.

If you took part in this today, what was your favourite part?

Will you try any experiments at home?

Here are some of our favourite photos!

Dumfries Music Festival

What an incredible job the Elmvale choir did today at the Dumfries Music Festival! They managed to scoop up two trophies as a result of winning a 1st and a 2nd place! They sang beautifully and with such enthusiasm 😊. Thank you to our spectators – your support this afternoon meant a lot! More photos to follow soon.

Go team Elmvale!!

Solway Scots Competition

On the 15th of February, Ryan and I went to St Columba’s school in Annan and we took part in the Solway Scots Poem Competition.

There were 2 people from every primary school in Annan and two judges. We even got a free biscuit and a glass of water. It does not matter that we didn’t win but we still took part. Ryan and I liked it a lot.

by Ceren.




Elmvale Choir

The Elmvale Choir sang beautifully at St Michael’s Church in Dumfries on the 25th of January. The pupils looked extremely smart and as always, sang with such confidence and enthusiasm.

The choir are going from strength to strength!

Primary 7 Curling Experience

Yesterday (Wednesday 7th February) I had the pleasure of escorting Primary 7 to Lockerbie Ice Rink where they learned the skills involved in the sport of Curling! A super morning had by all! 🙂 Make sure that you all tune in to the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, to support Great Britain’s Team Muirhead in the Curling event, where their member Anna Sloan started her Curling career at Lockerbie Ice Rink!

p4/5 fractions

Here is an example of a maths game we play in P4/5. We are currently learning about fractions. Some fractions are written, some are written using numbers and some are drawn like a picture.  This is a game called match up – this is how you play .

1. Find the four title cards and place them at the top of the pocket chart.

2. Spread the rest of the cards out,  face up.

3. Match the fraction set (number form, word form, part of a whole, part of a group).

4. When a fraction set is complete (you have matched all 4 parts) flip the cards over and see if the coloured   dots match … if they do great job!… if they don’t match then try again.


by Rohan and Ava