Term 1 – Edible Plastic Bottles and Bio Gas!

Working with Glasgow Science Centre, we used their materials and resources to create two workshops for P6 and P6/7 to enjoy. In one workshop we looked at bio-degradable plastic using seaweed and in the other we learned about renewable energy, by creating Bio-gas from our food waste. All children were incredibly curious and shared great questions to extend our scientific enquiry.

Term 1 – Electrical Circuits

In P6/7 we have been exploring how electrons travels through wires and powers different objects. We have also learned how circuits are drawn for electricians to use. They use very interesting symbols for different objects.

Term 1 – SMART Targets

Although Mr.Mutch does not like the word smart, he does really like S.M.A.R.T Targets. P6/7 are taking ownership of their learning and creating their own small targets that they can achieve every two weeks. Whether that may be through Numeracy, Language or Health & Well-being, we are always aiming to improve.

S.M.A.R.T stands for… Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timed.

Term 1 – What are we learning…

This term P6/7 have been focusing on…

Power, Energy & Electricity.

Tag Rugby and Ball Skills

SMART targets

Term 1 – Our Class Constitution

As a class we have created a class constitution, which we have all signed stated how we should be rather than how we should not.

We the pupils of P6/7 are a curious family. Learning is our job and we take it very seriously. Within our classroom we aspire to be loyal and enthusiastic role models to those in our school. In order to do this, we will be respectful to everyone and everything around us and be responsible for our own actions. Each of us are unique, but we can be curious together and work as a team to improve our learning. We believe our learning is important and when we are curious it can be extremely fun, engaging and messy at times. We can achieve this by sharing a love of learning, welcoming mistakes and having a growth mindset to take on new challenges and experiences. This is P6/7, this is our curious class room and this is what we believe.

Term 1 P6/7 – Time Capsule.

In the first few weeks of term 1, the class put together a time capsule that we have now locked away not to be touched until the end of the school year. Inside we have; written a letter to ourselves, made three predictions, drawn a self portrait and written a piece of creative writing to edit and up-level when we open the box in June. We are all very excited to open it again.



School Year 2017 – 2018

Well we had a nice visit from some “weel kent” faces today! Ex-Elmvale pupils visited our class to tell us all about their experience of being in first year. We asked questions which our visitors answered very well. Lovely to see them back at Elmvale! 🙂



Primary 6/7 have been working on 3D shape and this week they have been experimenting and working collaboratively with each other to create various models using 3D shape blocks. They also have been building 3D shapes from straws, polydron and clixi materials.


A super morning was spent yesterday at Lockerbie Ice Rink with Primary 7, where they learned how to glide, deliver, sweep and stand upright! That’s right, they were Curling! Well done to all of you who participated! Super behaviour as always!


A very busy day had by Primary 7 on Tuesday this week at the Literacy event at Annan Academy as part of their transition.

Solving murders, building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows and ceilidh dancing! Well done Primary 7, you were a credit to Elmvale!




Primary 6 and Primary 7 have had a lovely morning, celebrating Christmas with their Christmas party! Dances danced, games played, laughter heard and smiles on faces. Perfect! Merry Christmas Everyone!






Primary 6 and Primary 7 had a very artistic and creative afternoon with Rebecca, making lanterns for the Year of the Young Person parade on January 12th 2018.

They were all successful in building their lanterns and we will wait until after the new year to decorate them! Thanks to Rebecca and well done to Primary 6 and Primary 7.


Primary 6/7 have been very busy over the last few weeks, learning about using colour, learning about the Scottish Parliament and of course learning about Christmas in Germany!

On behalf of Primary 6/7, we’d all like to take this chance to wish you all a very Froliche Weihnachten!! (Merry Christmas!)   🙂






At the beginning of October, Primary 7 ventured up to Dumfries to participate in a Health and Wellbeing initiative run by the region. This input is given to all primary schools in Dumfries and Galloway. It involved the children learning from the emergency services and Scottish Power: Police Scotland on internet safety; NHS paramedic on ABC and the recovery position; SPEN on voltages and how to stay safe around electricity and the Fire Brigade on how to stay safe at home and firework safety. Primary 7 all thoroughly enjoyed their day and learned how to keep themselves safe. They were all impeccably behaved and a credit to Elmvale! Well done Primary 7! 🙂

Miss Howat

Welcome back to school after your busy October holidays!

This will be a busy but fun term and I’m sure you all will rise to that challenge!

Miss H