During our Spring STEAM week Primary 4/5 took part in a variety of different STEAM activities. For the Engineering aspect of STEAM we participated in a construction activity. The children worked in teams to create an egg holder or a ramp for their egg. The children all had to work collaboratively and then share their creations.



Last week we held a concert to show what we have been learning during Feis Rois. We have had Grant and Ali coming to school for the last 11 weeks to teach us about Scottish music. During our performance we sang a song called “the world must be coming to an end” and then with the P6 class we performed the song called “hey Donal” using various instruments.     







We have been working together this week to solve a bonfire mystery. We have been eliminating suspects from our investigations by using different mathematical strategies. The children all worked very well as part of a team!







We have been learning how to use Google Maps to research our local area. Pupils worked in groups to find street names and they had a great time! I was really pleased to see everybody working so nicely together.


Well done!














We have been taking advantage of this lovely weather and have been doing some outdoor learning activities this week. I challenged the pupils to make as many shapes as possible with 24 twigs. I was very impressed with the very creative pictures the pupils created.


Well done!







The Zebras Reading Group did an excellent demonstration of good questioning today. The class really seem to be enjoying Book Detectives and are becoming more and more independent with this!


Well done to the Zebras today!


Mrs C   🙂



I am very impressed with a lot of the homework this term. The Easter crafts are very creative! Here is a selection of my favourite pieces of homework so far.

Well done everyone!

Have a lovely Easter break!

Mrs C     🙂



Today is our World Book Day and I am very impressed with the outfits in P4/5! Here are some of my favourite photos – I can’t fit them all in unfortunately! Well done all (especially parents!).

Mrs C    🙂




We have a very excited group of children in P4/5 today who managed to create a working breathing machine! They were able to explain all of the different body parts we need to breathe and they worked very well as a group.

Well done!

Mrs C. 🙂




What a wonderful example of homework in P4/5!

Well done!

Mrs C      🙂



I am currently reviewing reading groups and I am making some changes to some groupings. This may mean your child’s reading days will change slightly so please keep an eye out for different reading days in the diary soon!

Thank you!

Mrs C    🙂




Today, some of the boys and girls brought in their instruments to show. I was very impressed with how well the instruments were played! It takes a lot of confidence to play in front of others.

Well done, P4/5!





Mrs C     🙂






P4/5 have been busy making New Year’s resolutions. We learned that the top three New Year’s resolutions made by children in the UK are:

  1. To get better marks at school.
  2. To find a way of making money myself.
  3. To be more helpful around the house.


Look at our wonderful new display!


See you tonight at First Friday!

Mrs C     🙂



We all had a brilliant time at our Christmas Party this morning. Don’t the pupils look lovely?


Merry Christmas to all P4/5 parents and families!

P.S – Thank you very much for my lovely presents. I am a very lucky teacher!!

Mrs C      🙂




We are busy rehearsing for our mini show! All of the children know their lines and are using big, loud voices to speak. We are all very excited!

Mrs C     🙂



P4/5 have recently entered the SPCA Animal Mascot competition. I am really pleased with the effort every pupil put into this. Look at the quality of some of our entries!

Mrs C     🙂



I am very proud of P4/5 this afternoon (I am always proud of them!). Everybody in the class is working extremely hard and trying their very best with their spelling work. I am impressed with how quickly pupils are getting through their Spelling Collection cards too!

Mrs C       🙂



We have been busy writing our Christmas Concert play scripts. We now know how to write a play script and look forward to showing you all our show!


Mrs C     🙂



Primary 4 did a plant experiment with P2 and P3/4. We were able to give our plant water and light, however it did not thrive! 🙁


Mrs C    🙂