14th December 2018

Thank you to all in the kitchen for a delicious Christmas lunch, we enjoyed having it with our buddies. There were lots of clean plates, full tummies and smiling faces!


29th November 2018

We had a visit from Rudolph this afternoon. He delivered a special scroll to every class asking us to work together to choose a present to say “Well Done” for working so hard.


31st October 2018

Our bodies came in very “handy” when we made some ghoulish ghosts for Hallowe’en.

We used the computers to make some digital Hallowe’en art.


7th September 2018

Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from Katie, from Sustrans. They went outside the classroom and enjoyed a session on the balance bikes.

Mrs Corrie managed to get some photos but the boys and girls were going so fast it was very difficult!


15th June 2018

Look how busy some of us have been completing the activities on our homework grid!


 24th May 2018

Can you dance the merengue?

P1 can!

Maureen and Kate were very impressed how quickly P1 learned the dance when we visited the studio on Thursday.





18th May 2018  


Today we enjoyed a visit to Hardgrove Farm. We went on the bus with Mrs Hodgson, Mr Collingwood and Mrs Corrie. When we got there Mr Marshall, the farmer, and Fiona and Hazel form RHET were there to show us around, give us lots of information and answer all our questions. We saw the milking parlour, the calf nursery and different machinery.




10th May 2018

Fiona from RHET and Hazel came to visit us to give us some information about our trip to the farm next week. She told us about things we will have to wear and things we will see.

She talked about different jobs people do on the farm and some of us dressed up as these people. We had a vet, tractor driver, milking parlour lady and a farm assistant.

We then shook double cream to make something we were able to spread on our crackers. They were really tasty.  












Can you guess what we made?


15th March 2018

Some of us enjoyed dressing up as different characters for World Book Day and we all enjoyed reading and listening to lots of stories!


9th March 2018

We moved back into our classroom. It is lovely and bright with new windows, doors and flooring!


16th February 2018

Some of us have been very busy with our homework tasks, we will be getting lots of house points.  Well Done!


2nd February 2018

Primary One have moved out into the spare base so their classroom can get a make over!


15th December 2017

Didn’t we do well?

11th December 2017

Some people have been very busy with Mrs McNeill’s quiz and doing seasonal things from the Homework Grid.

6th December 2017

We pulled crackers, listened to Christmas music and enjoyed Christmas lunch today. Thank you to all in the kitchen, it was delicious!














To celebrate Book Week Scotland we were all given a book bag with a whiteboard, pen, coloured pencils, magnetic numbers and 3 books. We read the stories in class and took them home to share.

Which one would like to read?


We were learning how to cross the road safely with P.C. Legget.


We enjoyed being outside planting crocus bulbs with our buddies.Please keep off the grass and look out for signs they are growing.

  We have been practising writing numbers.