Mrs McNeill was a lot of things to a lot of people. She was a Mother, a Friend, a Head Teacher, a Wife, a Daughter and a Sister. Mrs McNeill was a lovely person. She was kind because she`d do anything for anyone. She gave up her time for other people. She helped people in the best way she knew how. Always ready to listen if anyone had any worries or concerns. She always worked hard to make Elmvale the best it could be, and is, and all the pupils and staff are grateful and appreciated everything she did, right down to the last detail. Mrs McNeill was immensely proud of Elmvale and this is something that the staff and pupils will work hard to continue in her memory. We as pupils will always remember how special Mrs McNeill was to each of us in our own way. Once Elmvale always Elmvale.


Christmas Show

 This year our school show was Bah Humbug, a tale about Ebenezer Scrooge. After months of preparation we put on three sell out shows. As well as the acting each class performed a song. All of the children performed very well, showing confidence and creativity. Thank you very much to everyone who attended our show.