P2 and P3/4 Technology Day

On technology day we did a lot of fun things. For example we made pizza ,model making and a stuffed toy. We were split into 3 groups  and moved like a carousel.

By Ellie and Jessica



21 thoughts on “P2 and P3/4 Technology Day”

  1. Great to see food and textiles featuring in your technology day. Well done P2 and P3/4; hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to try some of these activities during your holidays. Have a lovely summer!

    Carol Moyes
    RAiSE Teacher

  2. We had great fun and my favourite was stuffing the sock. It turned out as a caterpillar.

  3. Well done p2 and P3/4 hope you had a faboulous technology day enjoyed the yummy pizzas.

  4. Well done team and thank you to Debbie for helping us. My pizza was extremely yummy and sweet and thank you for a nice time everyone. Well Done.

  5. Wow well done Mrs Wilson for teaching the netball team for the competition. also well done for trying to win.

  6. I really hope you liked it. I bet the pizza toppings were nice! I bet they were delicious. What type of toppings did you use? from Karyssa Bernie p4/5

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