Shapes Outside

P4/5 have been learning about shape for their Maths topic. We went outside yesterday to get sticks and Mrs Carter asked us to make rockets, floating trucks and gigantic shapes to see how many shapes and angles we could make. The winning group managed to create 21 shapes! My group managed to create 44 angles! I learned how to create a range of shapes with only outdoor stuff.


7 thoughts on “Shapes Outside”

  1. I think p4/5 had a good day outside with the sticks and blocks. It was good weather as well as that it was very fun. Thank you to Mrs Carter for taking us outside.
    By Ceren

  2. My groups picture was a massive triangle. It was fun because it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed it.

  3. My group did 21 shapes and 42 angels. All the other groups did really well.

    Ava (p4)

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