Book Week and Anti-Bullying Week

Pupils at Portpatrick Primary were busy again last week celebrating Book Week and participating in Anti-Bullying Week.

Book Week Scotland is an annual celebration of books and reading, supported by Creative Scotland and SLIC. Children have enjoyed taking part in some of the online activities and celebrating the joy of books and reading. The upper class took part in the live lesson from engineers on sustainability linked to the story “Stop the litter”. The Roald Dahl Quiz was a hit- as always. This was followed by a competition testing children’s book knowledge by providing the blurb to some classic and favourite stories; the winner is the first to guess the title (Congratulations Izzy). The upper class also participated in this year’s writing competition. The story must feature a pair of wellies per the criteria, and we had some spectacular pieces written. The results will be announced in two weeks.

Children have also been taking part in this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, which coincided with Book Week this year. The theme was “One Kind Word”. Through assemblies and classroom activities, we have been revising what bullying is, how to deal with it, what to do, and how it is related to Rights Respecting School. See below for pictures of odd socks, kind words, friendship handprints, a friendship survey, random acts of kindness, and children celebrating their individual and unique qualities.

Anti-Bullying Week

Book Week

FALLing in love with autumn…

On Thursday the boys and girls in Primary 1-3 were simply FALLing in love with autumn. Despite the weather the children donned their best wellington boots and set off out into the rain. OHH WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! Rather than being sat inside in the cold and wet we were running around in the autumnal leaves and splashing in the puddles outdoors. The children collected leaves which will be used next week in our art work to create an autumn scene.  Children discussed prior learning of the green cross code when out on our walk and also remembered some of the French language we had learnt for classroom commands, weather, months of the year and seasons.

On arrival back to school we got changed out of our wet clothes and enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate -made with warm milk- and some roasted marshmallows which were professionally roasted using a blow torch by the fabulous Kim.

See below for some photos;

Maths Week Scotland at Portpatrick Round Up

The boys and girls Portpatrick Primary have been enjoying and celebrating maths Week Scotland in both classes. Below is a description of our week and some of the fantastic activities. Once again the children had lots of fun and laugher during Maths Week Scotland.

On Friday 24th of September children took part in a STEM building activity on where they recreated a model version of Portpatrick Village. We used our map reading skills to create a scaled version of Portpatrick and then used our positional language to organise the models correctly.

On Monday the boys and girls took part in the Mini Olympic Challenge. Children were tasked with multiple activities which enabled them to train like real athletes. This included recording the number of each activity. Recording person bests and calculating improved times and calculating and measuring during distance throw. We all got in the spirit by having our very own flags too.

On Tuesday the children focused on Maths and careers. They discussed the different types of maths that people use in everyday life and how all careers use maths. We played a game to identify some of the obvious maths skills needed for each job and then smaller skills which are less obvious were awarded with higher points. We listened to some presentations from outside speakers and finished off by playing the “Game of life”.

On Wednesday the upper class took part in the live NFU lesson and found out how cheese is made on a farm. We calculated air miles and the importance of reducing air miles by using locally sourced food to create pizzas.

On Thursday we welcomed the Maths roadshow which provided pupils with the chance to engage in levelled problem-solving activities. Problems required the children to use multiple different aspects of maths as well as develop their teamwork and communication skills.

On Friday we took part in the big maths bake off. This involved measuring out ingredients, used and reading scales, following instructions and reading ordinal numbers. Children had to work as part of a team and organise themselves and all the equipment that they needed.

The older children made Cous Cous as a way of using and applying maths in recipe instructions.


P5 – 7 followed a village maths trail; using an applying observation and calculation to find maths in our local environment.

End of term awards Portpatrick June 2021

End of term awards Portpatrick June 2021

Unfortunately, yet again, we had a quiet leavers ceremony at Portpatrick Primary. However, we were delighted that we could still celebrate the wonderful achievements of the children over the past year. We are so proud of ALL the children for their continued commitment, resilience and perseverance which every student has shown throughout 2020/2021.


100% attendance awards ( up until 10 June 2021)

Rebecca Connor, Carter Henderson, Ruby Rankin, Louise Webb, Sean Paul Webb


Responsible citizen


Arran Mc Quillan– Always makes sensible decisions and good choices in school. Shown commitment to his work and school life.


Rebecca Connor – Always very helpful in class and outside. Shows respect for others and is developing a good sense of her environmental responsibilities.


Erin Harbottle– always works well in school and follows school rules. Is an excellent role model for younger pupils.


Scott Ritchie – for being so helpful to younger pupils, both in the classroom, playground and dinner hall

Conor Ritchie – takes an interest in all school events and is motivated to participate in community events also.  He can be trusted to work sensibly on any task



Jack Trafford – He completes lots of practical projects at home with Mum and Dad e.g.  building bird box prototypes to support our Eco Schools work, he also participates in activities such as helping with the Nature area


Ruby Rankin – She is keen to participate in school events.   Ruby is an active Eco Council Member, and is always willing to volunteer to take on responsibility in any way she can.


Lillie Baker – She is always helping others, offering to do jobs like sweeping up the stones outside.  Lillie has great initiative and is kind and thoughtful to others.



Mini walk medals (7)

Alba, Izzy, Arran, Lewis, Jack, Max, Ruby


P1-3 Sports Champion – Rebecca Connor

P4-7 Sports Champion – Robin Mc Lean


House Points     Portree 81 + 95 = 176          Dunskey 181 + 98 = 279

Accelerated reading star readers

P2 – Rebecca Connor

P3- Erin Harbottle

P4 – Lewis Mc Quillan (most books)  and Tilly Gordon (most points)

P5 – Jack Trafford

P6 – Ava Lily Orr Ewing (most points) and Alba White (most books)

P7 – Lillie Baker


Completed Platinum rainbow tables this year and last…

Robin (03/21) and Maya (11/20)

Lillie, Ava Lily, Ruby & Isabella passed 2019


Completed Platinum rainbow spelling this year and last…

Lillie Baker

Izzy White

Ava Lily – 12/20

Ruby – 12/20

Maya 12/20



P1-4 P4-7
Literacy award Max– Fantastic progress in reading. High levels of commitment to improving and developing a growth mindset. Ava Lily – excels at creative writing.  Takes great care and attention to ensure she achieves success criteria.  Avid reader
Numeracy award Adam– Outstanding progress in numeracy and shown resilience towards his learning. Tilly – Has made great progress in her understanding of number and is enthusiastic in her maths work
HWB award Harry– Harry is a good friend to all and has been a role model to others. Lewis Always kind and interacts well with others. Great behaviour
REACH award (for resilience, effort or positive attitude during lockdown learning) Carter – for commitment during lockdown and overall attitude towards his work and school. Always dependable and sensible. Alba and Izzy White for such fab motivation and a positive attitude during remote learning


P7 leavers – tributes – hoodies

Robin and Lily
We wish you all the very best as you progress onwards to Stranraer Academy. You will be missed by all at Portpatrick Primary and we hope you enjoy your leavers hoodies and goodies.


For Fun
We finished with some lighthearted fun awards for all. If any predictions come true in the future please be sure to let us know. Stephen – We are counting on you for World Peace!


A special thanks to our wonderful parents – we could not have managed the past year without you.

Below are some photos from the event;

Portpatrick Sports Day Action 2021

Portpatrick Primary Sports Day is BACK! While we missed having our usual spectators, we were delighted to hold the school sports day this year and celebrate all of our wonderful athletes once again. Despite the wind and fog we still enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of classic races. We started with a sprint race, followed by skipping and sack races, a little bit of throwing before egg and spoon and finishing with long distance. Since we had a little bit of time left we had a quick obstacle course which didn’t disappoint. Below are some wonderful pictures and results of our afternoon.


Sports Results 10/06/21


P.1/2     1. Rebecca Connor   2. Adam Westby  3. Freya Currie

P.3        1. Carter Henderson   2. Sean Paul Webb   3. Erin Harbottle

P.4/5    1. Scott Ritchie   2. Cameron McNeill   3. Atticus Orr-Ewing

  1. 6/7 1. Robin McLean 2. Ava-Lily Orr-Ewing   3. Alfie Baker


P.1/2    1. Rebecca Connor   2. Stephen Ross   3. Adam Wesby

P.3        1. Erin Harbottle   2. Sean Paul Webb   3. Carter Henderson

P.4/5    1. Lewis McQuillan   2. Max Rankin   3. Jack Trafford

P.6/7    1. Alfie Baker   2. Robin McLean   3. Ava-Lily Orr-Ewing


P1/2      1. Rebecca  Connor   2. Adam Wesby   3. Harry McKie

P.3        1. Sean Paul Webb   2. Louise Webb   3. Erin Harbottle

P.4/5    1.Atticus Orr-Ewing   2. Cameron McNeill   3. Tilly Gordon

P.6/7    1. Robin McLean   2. Ruby Rankin   3. Izzy White

Egg & Spoon

P.1/2    1. Rebecca Connor   2. Arran McQuillan   3. Stephen Ross

P.3       1. Sean Paul Webb   2. Erin Harbottle   3. Carter Henderson

P.4/5   1. Cameron McNeill   2. Atticus Orr-Ewing   3. Lewis McQuillan

P.6/7 Girls   1. Izzy White   2. Maya McNeill   3. Ruby Rankin/Lilly Weatherby

P.6/7 Boys   1. Robin McLean   2. Alfie Baker


P.1/2    1. Arran McQuillan   2. Harry McKie   3. Rebecca Connor

P.3        1. Sean Paul Webb   2. Carter Henderson   3. Erin Harbottle

4/5 1. Jack Trafford 2. Max Rankin   3. Cameron McNeill

6/7 1. Alfie Baker 2. Robin McLean   3. Ruby Rankin



P.1/2    1.Harry McKie   2. Adam Westby   3. Freya Currie

P.3       1. Carter Henderson   2. Louise Webb   3. Erin Harbottle

P.4/5   1. Cameron McNeill   2. Atticus Orr-Ewing   3. Jack Trafford/Conor Ritchie

P6/7    1. Ruby Rankin   2. Ava-Lily Orr-Ewing   3. Robin McLean


P1/2    1. Rebecca Connor   2. Adam Westby   3.Freya Currie

P.3      1. Carter Henderson   2. Louise Webb   3. Sean Paul Webb

P.4/5  1. Atticus Orr-Ewing   2. Cameron McNeill   3. Scott Ritchie

P.6/7  1. Ava-Lily Orr-Ewing   2. Ruby Rankin   3. Alfie Baker


Sprint Race


Sack Race

Egg and Spoon


Distance Race

The Verdict…

Pop-Up RSNO Concert

Portpatrick Primary School was absolutely delighted to welcome the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) into our grounds today. Some of you may have heard the beautiful music in and around the village as they created an amazing pop-up concert in the playground for the children. The concert was part of an initiative to help bring joy back to communities and help take a step forwards towards live performances. Thank you to RSNO for the wonderful concert and for coming to visit us all at Portpatrick Primary. Below are some photos of today. Further videos will be posted in the coming days.

The Fabulous Musicians

Some photos of the Concert

Portpatrick Outdoor Learning Day

The children at Portpatrick primary have been very busy today as they celebrated Outdoor Learning Day- albeit a day early to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child’s day. While we are no stranger to the outdoors in Portpatrick we like to participate in as much outdoor fun as we can.

In P1-4 pupils were practising their number bonds, multiplication and division skills. They children created Venn diagrams to explore multiples of numbers and used sticks and stones to explore the concept of multiplication and division.

In P4-7 pupil were taking part in some measure, area and estimating activities.

Using vocabulary inspired by the outdoor environment all pupils took part in some literacy writing. Thinking about our senses we took the time to write about the environment around us and P1-4 crated some incredible pieces of writing which started with the sentence, “As I sat on top of the hill I could see/hear/smell…”

The children were delighted to take part in the Great 2021 BUG HUNT in which they were able to identify different creatures, their habitats and discussed what they needed to survive.

In P.E. Pupils took part in Active Schools activities with Lewis in the afternoon playing lots of exciting team games.

It was another very successful day outdoors at Portpatrick.



Community Litter Pick at Portpatrick

As part of our Eco School action plan, pupils at Portpatrick Primary have been helping to clear up the local community by partaking in a whole school litter pick. Unfortunately this year we were unable to invite parents/community members to join in, however the children were in good spirits and still managed to collect some litter in and around the area. Thank you to the ONUS beach cleaning group who kindly lent us their litter pickers. We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine- see below for photos.



Easter Fun and Final Photos

The Boys and Girls at Portpatrick Primary have enjoyed a wonderful week of Easter Fun. Below is a list of activities and some final photos. Please browse the posts from earlier this week to see all the action that has taken place.
Happy Easter Holidays Everyone!

  • Easter Bonnet Making (see below)
  • Easter collaborative art project
  • Maths Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter nests as part of our Easter baking activity
  • We tried some Hotcross Buns (see below)
  • Annual Easter Egg Competition
  • Class 2 made a zip-wire capable of transporting Cadbury’s creme egg as their STEM activity this week.
  • Class 1 made and painted easter eggs before rolling them down the hill in the playground as part of their STEM activity. (see below)

Bonnet Making 

Easter Bonnet Judges – Mrs Henry and Mrs Rankin
Class 1  winner- Freya
Class 2 winner- Ava Lily

Hot Cross Buns – YUMMY!

Lets Race
Making and then rolling our Easter eggs down the hill in the playground.
Some eggs survived better than others… Great fun had by all!
We spoke about how the egg changed state and was irreversible and then outside we brainstormed and discussed how it was the force of gravity that made the egg roll down the hill.

British Science Week

Last week Primary 1-3 at Portpatrick were celebrating British Science Week. The theme this year was all about innovation and future inventions. We started by having a little review of some of the fantastic inventions that already exist and how they have made life easier and in some cases better. To kick start British Science Week, we had a little look this super cool video showing an amazing and creative design, called the Rube Goldberg Machine.

Pupils then took part in a range of STEM activities including a marble run, balloon rocket and the tallest tower competition.

Meanwhile, P4-7 were busy celebrating the Science Week from home, on their final week of remote learning. They had lots of different challenges to choose from, including: putting their STEM skills into action to design a solution to a real-life problem linking to the Global Goals; various science experiments and engineering challenging such as designing a marble run, making a pom-pom launcher, powering a boat using a chemical reaction and creating an underwater volcano; learning about stereotypes and exploring the world of work in relation to STEM careers; and exploring innovations that changed the world.

Have a keek at the photos below – we all had a brilliant week thinking about and exploring problems like real-life scientists and engineers!